Why You Should Try Mushroom Coffee

Medicinal mushrooms are earning their place in the journals of the scientific and medical community and more is being learned about them every day.  Once only known as a traditional, folkloric and alternative medicine solution, medicinal mushrooms are becoming commonplace.  If you’ve walked into a natural health food store and have seen mushroom coffee, you might be wondering what mushrooms are doing in coffee, and can they really benefit you?

Medicinal mushrooms have many cognitive benefits which is why they are included in the new wave of nootropic beverages and foods.  It’s common to see nootropic beverages lining the shelves in natural health food stores, when just a few years ago hardly anyone knew what a nootropic was.  One of the most common nootropics that many people use and are not aware of is caffeine, so it’s a natural pairing to combine nootropics together.

Introducing consumers to medicinal mushrooms as a nootropic works well when it’s paired with a familiar nootropic such as coffee, which is viewed as benign and also has many health benefits of its own.  However, you don’t have to worry about tasting mushrooms in your coffee (which isn’t an obviously palatable combination) because the mushrooms that are in coffee are generally extracts of dried mushrooms.

The extract of a dried mushroom can be found in supplemental form, either in powders or capsules.  Some users of medicinal mushrooms buy the powders and put them in smoothies or other beverages, so combining medicinal mushrooms in coffee seemed like the logical next step for avid fans of nootropics.

Mushroom coffee can give you the stimulating effects of coffee, and it may also boost the immune system and provide the cognitive support that medicinal mushrooms provide. 

Lion’s Mane Mushroom is a common addition to coffee because it has many cognitive benefits.  Lion’s Mane can also provide mood support and promote a sense of well-being.

Turkey Tail Mushroom provides the best benefits for the immune system, so if you are looking for a mushroom to blend with your coffee during times when you feel burnt out or under the weather, Turkey Tail would be the best choice.

Cordyceps Militaris Mushroom is also a mushroom that you might encounter being paired with coffee, because Cordyceps is used to combat fatigue and can support energy levels.  Cordyceps is not a typical cognitive-boosting mushroom, but when combined with the caffeine in coffee, it’s could provide lasting energy and focus before any type of workout.

Reishi Mushroom can help support energy levels but is not generally thought of as a cognitive-boosting mushroom either. Chaga Mushroom will also help you feel more energetic but also doesn’t provide as much of the cognitive benefits of other medicinal mushrooms.

Mixing medicinal mushroom extract powder into your coffee in the morning might seem strange at first, but once you’ve experienced the nootropic benefits of mushroom coffee, you won’t want to go back.  To address all your different needs, try purchasing more than 1 type of mushroom so you can rotate through them depending on your needs that day, such as in the Mushroom Power Pack.

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