Chaga Mushroom Powder


Chaga mushroom extract provides provides various health benefits, including, immune modulation, stress relief, decreased inflammation, and increased subjective well-being. 

Pure Nootropics provides Nammex medicinal mushrooms, using only 100% organic whole fruiting bodies which are rigorously tested and guaranteed pure.

  • Enhances immune response (reference) (ref)
  • May increase learning and memory (ref)
  • May reduce oxidative stress (ref)
  • Anti-inflammatory effects (ref)

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Studies show Chaga mushroom is an antioxidant. It may be used to stimulate the immune system and may also include benefits relating to reductions in fatigue and inflammation, as well as increased mental sharpness, learning and memory.

Chaga is also a potent anti-viral and may also decrease blood sugar in diabetics.


General dosage for Chaga mushroom extract ranges between 500 and 1000mg.

Mode of Action

Chaga works by activating immune effector cells called lymphocytes and macrophages. This causes increased production of cytokines which in turn creates stronger immune system.

Studies show Chaga has beneficial effects on learning and memory via decreased malondialdehyde and nitrite levels (markers for oxidative stress) and increased glutathione, superoxide dismutase, (fighters of free radicals) and acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter responsible for healthy cognitive function) levels.


There is no reported LD 50 for Chaga mushroom. It is generally regarded as very safe to use.

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