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DHM (Dihydromyricetin) Capsules


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DHM (Dihydromyricetin), also known as Ampelopsin and Ampelopsin grossedentata, is a flavonoid of the Japanese Raisin Tree, Hovenia dulcis (3). DHM may assist the body in alcohol metabolism to support liver health.

DHM Dihydromyricetin Capsules Benefits

  • Post-alcohol consumption liver support (ref)*


DHM (Dihydromyricetin) is an extract of the Japanese Raisin Tree which has amazing benefits for the body after alcohol consumption. Alcohol is metabolized through a process which creates a toxic byproduct called acetaldehyde which damages tissues all over the body (including the brain!)—but DHM promotes alcohol metabolism with a decreased amount of this toxic byproduct (1, 2).

This product is a must if you're looking to maximize your performance long term, or if you're simply getting older and wondering how you can have that after work beverage without sacrificing your next morning for it.



Pure Nootropics’ DHM Dihydromyricetin provides 300 mg per 1 capsule. Suggested use for adults is 1 capsule by mouth prior to bed and 1 capsule in the morning after consuming alcohol, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.



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• Post alcohol consumption liver support*
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DHM (Dihydromyricetin) Capsules

DHM (Dihydromyricetin) Capsules