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  • fasting

    How (and Why) to Survive a 3 Day Water-Only Fast

    Improving mental performance often includes adding things into your daily life and routine, such as the case with nootropics and smart drugs. Biohackers are notorious for adding new technologies, lifestyle habits, and supplements to improve their mental performance. At times, it is additive to remove things from our daily life to optimize our brain. One […]

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  • creative brain

    Anandamide – The Creativity Secret Weapon

    For most nootropics enthusiasts and brain hacking lovers, there are few neuro chemicals that aren’t familiar. We may not always know every detail about dopamine or norepinephrine, but we have heard the name before. Anandamide is far less well known, but is arguably the most important missing component of the creativity puzzle. Creativity is one of […]

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  • ketogenic foods

    Ketones: Using the Ancestral Brain Stack

    Tim Ferriss has the ability to move markets. With hundreds of millions of podcast downloads and millions of book sales, it’s no wonder a small percentage become devotees in the cult of Ferriss. Even more impressive is the fervor to which they push an idea into the mainstream. When Ferriss interviewed researcher Dom D’Agostino about […]

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Using Pure Nootropics has been great because of the  blog and email newsletter. I was hesitant to start using any of these smart drugs, but they helped guide me in the right direction.