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  • Popular Beginner Nootropics

    Popular Nootropics For Beginners

    Now that you know what nootropics are, the amount of different nootropics available for sale on any merchant’s website will hit you with information overload. Each one sounds pretty good if you look at them all. So how do you select the right one to start with? You’re free to try any nootropic out there, […]

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  • Guide to Lucid Dreaming

    Your Guide to Lucid Dreaming – Hack your dreams

    How To Lucid Dream & What You Need To Know We’re not exaggerating, here – lucid dreaming is being conscious during your dream and being able to do anything that your mind can imagine. It’s the ability to control your dreams. And usually, with it comes a deep, overwhelming sense of euphoria. Lucid dreaming is very […]

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  • What are nootropics

    What is a nootropic – What are nootropics?

    The word nootropic is derived from the greek words noos, meaning mind, and trope, meaning turning. In essence, nootropic perform one function: they “turn” your mind to boost your cognitive abilities and make your mental state better in some way, shape, or form. Different groups classify different drugs as nootropics, but for the most part, […]

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Pure Nootropics’ commitment to (read: obsession with) making the best minds possible means that I can stop worrying about the chemistry of my brain and start focusing it on the work I want to be doing.


The Pure Nootropics products aren’t the cheapest on the internet, but they are definitely the best value. I really don’t mind paying a little bit extra to get the protection for things that I use for my body.


Using Pure Nootropics has been great because of the  blog and email newsletter. I was hesitant to start using any of these smart drugs, but they helped guide me in the right direction.