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    How to Get in a Flow State Using Nootropics

    Flow is described as a state of timelessness, energized focus, and full involvement and enjoyment for a specific process. Originally described by Hungarian psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, it is a term used frequently at the highest echelons of any industry. The original book from Csikszentihalyi was published in the 1990s and many psychologists and peak performance […]

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    The #1 Nootropic for Mood, Memory and Longevity You’ve Already Heard About

    If you visit the island of Okinawa, it’s a far cry from the war torn island it used to be only a few short decades ago. Long after World War II, the inhabitants have returned to a lifestyle that has lasted them thousands of years. Now considered one of the top 5 longest living cultures, […]

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  • coffee

    Caffeine Alternatives: How to Use Nootropics to Quit Caffeine

    Caffeine is one of the oldest cognitive enhancers known to man. For hundreds of years people from many cultures around the globe have used caffeine in order to improve their mood and effectiveness. Detractors of caffeine like to harp on a few side effects, but overlook many of the benefits. Countless studies have shown caffeine […]

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Using Pure Nootropics has been great because of the  blog and email newsletter. I was hesitant to start using any of these smart drugs, but they helped guide me in the right direction.