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Yohimbe Bark Extract (2% Yohimbine) Capsules


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Yohimbe is an alkaloid extracted from the Yohimbe tree which supports healthy male sexual function and promotes weight loss.

Yohimbe Benefits

  • Supports sexual wellness (ref)(ref)*
  • Supports a healthy body weight (ref)(ref)*

Yohimbe Mode of Action

Yohimbe is an alkaloid of the Pausinystalia yohimbe tree native to central and western Africa, primarily the Congo, Cameroun, and Gabon (2).

The active indole alkaloid is found in the bark of the yohimbe tree. The bark can contain up to 0.6-1.38% of the yohimbe alkaloid, combined with other alkaloids chemicals that account for up to 6% of the content of the bark. Most supplements are standardized to the yohimbe content alone (2).

The aphrodisiac effects of yohimbe are due to the dilation of blood vessels in the genitals, increased reflex in the spinal cord, and the transmission of nerve impulses to genital tissue. The sexual enhancement effects are believed to be through increased blood flow to the genitals for men and women, and central nervous system excitatory impulses for men (2).

Yohimbine also helps support a healthy body weight due to its ability to promote lipid metabolism and interactions with the alpha-2 adrenoceptors on fat cells (2).


Yohimbe Dosage

Pure Nootropics’ Yohimbe contains 2% bark plant extract (standardized to 2.2% Yohimbine) and provides 5 mg per capsule. Suggested use for adults is 1 capsule by mouth daily.

If you are taking any medication, always consult your Practitioner before beginning supplementation with Yohimbe.


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• Supports sexual wellness*

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• Supports a healthy body weight*

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Yohimbe Bark Extract (2% Yohimbine) Capsules

Yohimbe Bark Extract (2% Yohimbine) Capsules