Cordyceps Militaris Mushroom Powder & Capsules


Pure Nootropics Cordyceps militaris is a medicinal mushroom and a cornerstone of Traditional Chinese medicine, which increases endurance and reduces mental fatigue and stress. 

Pure Nootropics provides Nammex medicinal mushrooms, using only 100% organic whole fruiting bodies which are rigorously tested and guaranteed pure.

  • Enhances endurance 12.5% (reference)
  • Reduces stress & tiredness (ref)
  • Can optimize testosterone (ref)


60 x 500mg Vegetarian Capsules




Cordyceps mushroom is one of the most well-known traditional Chinese medicines, which is purported to increase physical stamina and virility. The main benefits of cordyceps mushroom is to increase resilience and endurance. One study showed a 12.5% increase in the time it took to reach fatigue during a physical stamina exercise.

The secondary benefit of cordyceps mushroom is as a stress reliever. Numerous markers of stress become lessened with the administration of cordyceps mushroom. Most people struggling with the stress of modern life could use cordyceps mushroom to ease their burden.

Finally, cordyceps can optimize certain hormones (such as testosterone) in those who need it. This has downstream cognitive effects as testosterone boosting in a sustainable way can be effective for focus and concentration.


The cordyceps dosage recommendations vary from 1 – 3000 mg per day. This can be taken in either a single dose or multiple doses with meals. These are the doses of cordyceps mushroom where most of the human trials have fallen, but there is no indicator whether this is the optimal dosage for humans or not.

The trials have not nailed down a specific dosage recommendation for this particular compound, but the flavor of cordyceps is palatable and thus cordyceps powder might be as effective as the capsule options for this high dose.

Mode of Action

The main bioactive ingredient of cordyceps mushroom is called cordycepin, which is a nucleotide analogue that is similar to adenosine (which makes you sleepy). The cordycepin can interact with the adenosine receptor and may be partially responsible for the added alertness and focus that can come with cordyceps mushroom.


Pure Nootropics allows users to buy cordyceps online with door-to-door delivery within the continental U.S. between 5 – 7 days.

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Full Analysis

Cordyceps mushroom is a cornerstone of Traditional Chinese medicine, which increases endurance and reduces mental fatigue and stress.

  • Enhances endurance 12.5% (reference)
  • Reduces stress & tiredness (ref)
  • Can optimize testosterone (ref)

Cordyceps Benefits

When a man in a traditional Chinese society used to have problems with his sex life or simply feeling too exhausted, the medicine man recommended cordyceps mushroom. The benefits of cordyceps have long-since been recorded by various scholars interested in Chinese medicine for the past few thousand years.

The primary benefit of cordyceps is as a stress reliever and anti-fatigue agent. Similar to an adaptogen in properties, the cordyceps mushroom can reduce symptoms of fatigue by 12.5% in animal models. Imagine what you could do with 12.5% longer time before fatigue!

Cordyceps Studies – What’s the Research?

There are numerous lion’s mane studies that portray the anti-fatigue and stress removing properties of cordyceps mushroom. In one study of cordyceps, animals were given a swim test and those using cordyceps were able to last 12.5% longer than the controls.

The markers of stress (such as biological hormones and organ reactions) were not nearly as strong with cordyceps as well. This is one of the most comprehensive studies showing the positive benefits of cordyceps mushroom.

In a separate study, scientists discovered one of the benefits of cordyceps is increasing testosterone so as to make the user to viril and capable.

Cordyceps Side Effects

There are generally few side effects of cordyceps mushroom. The scientific literature does not remark on the side effects or toxicity of using cordyceps mushroom.

Some people experience gastro-intestinal distress from taking too high a quantity of this nootropic compound, but this is a relatively small price to pay. Also, those who experience this can reduce their dosage and prevent the symptoms from continuing.

Buy Cordyceps

As with any medicinal mushroom, cordyceps must be sourced by the fruiting bodies not the mycelium. The fruiting bodies hold the beta glucans and other psychoactive ingredients while the the mycelium has nearly nothing.

Make sure you buy cordyceps online, which is sourced via fruiting bodies rather than mycelium. Pure Nootropics only sells products made from the fruiting bodies.


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