Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder


Turkey Tail mushroom extract is an adaptogen that may reduce stress, both mental and physical, as well as provide immune support. 

Pure Nootropics provides Nammex medicinal mushrooms, using only 100% organic whole fruiting bodies which are rigorously tested and guaranteed pure.

  • May regulate the immune system, helping to fight infections, illness and diseases. (reference)
  • Aids in Digestion (ref)
  • Antibacterial and antioxidant properties (ref)

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Also known as Trametes versicolor, Turkey Tail is a medicinal mushroom best known for providing immune system support and anti-fungal properties. Turkey Tail may assist in treating common health conditions such as allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue and loss of appetite.

From the research, turkey tail has shown to be beneficial in treating  conditions, such as: bronchitis, colitis, herpes, Human Papillomavirus (HVP),  chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, fibromyalgia, hypertension, infections (skin, UTI, digestive),  ringworm, scleroderma and ulcerative colitis.

As Turkey Tail is know for supporting the immune system it is widely used in Japan as a complementary immunotherapy in cancer treatment.


Standard dosage for Trametes versicolor tends to rage from 1-3 grams daily, however some studies have noted results at 9 grams (divided in two doses) daily.

Mode of Action

Turkey Tail mushroom works by providing immune support. It does this by way of B-glucans, which are naturally occurring polysaccharides, that when consumed, activate immunity enhancing receptors in the small intestine.


Research shows the LD50 of Turkey Tail is approximately 20g per kilogram of body weight.

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Full Analysis

Turkey Tail whole fruiting body mushroom extract stimulates and regulates the immune system aiding in fighting infections and illness, as well as fighting physical and mental stress. 

  • May regulate the immune system, helping to fight infections, illness and diseases. (reference)
  • Aids in Digestion (ref)
  • Antibacterial and antioxidant properties (ref)

Turkey Tail Benefits

Benefits associated with Turkey Tail generally relate to immune support and adaptogenic properties. Benefits may include: prevention and treatment of the flu, reduced side effects from chemotherapy and radiation therapy, aid digestions, fights and heals infections.

Turkey Tail Studies – What’s the Research?

There have been over 500 human studies, and more than 400 scientific papers world wide detailing the benefits of Turkey Tail. Results from clinical and research studies have found Turkey Tail to be beneficial to improving general health as well as various health conditions.

The most interesting and quite possibly promising research surrounding Turkey Tail centers around it’s possibly use in treating cancer. Turkey tail has been approved for use as an anti-cancer adjutant since 1977 in Japan and more, and more, medical practitioners are recognizing and endorsing its anti-cancer benefits. 5 Appreciation of Turkey tails’ role in fighting cancer gained momentum in the U.S. from a 2012 study funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) showing improved immune function in women with breast cancer.

Turkey Tail Side Effects

It’s always best to check with your doctor prior to using any supplements, however, there have been no reported side effects with use of Turkey Tail.

Buy Turkey Tail

When considering buying Turkey Tail always ensure that any product you purchase is made from the fruiting bodies and NOT the mycelium. The fruiting bodies are where the advantageous ingredients are located even though 70 – 90% of the products on the market sell mycelium based products.

Also, research into the vendor is important as there are counterfeit products on the market. For instance, Stereum ostrea is a mushroom very similar in appearance to turkey tail and carries the name has the name “False Turkey Tail”.