Yohimbe Benefits

Going back to basics and seeking natural solutions for common conditions is what natural nootropics are all about!  Sometimes these natural solutions are in the forms of leaf extracts, root extracts, and mushrooms—or even bark, as is the case with Yohimbe.  Yohimbe (from the Pausinystalia yohimbe tree) has been coveted for its bark in its native African folklore.

The bark of the P. yohimbe tree contains the alkaloid we’re all interested in:  Yohimbe.  The bark contains other alkaloids which can total up to 6% of the total content of the bark.  An alkaloid is a compound derived from a plant which exerts bioactive effects on humans.  In the case of the Yohimbe alkaloid, research has shown us that this is the most important facet of the bark’s composition.  High quality Yohimbe supplements are now standardized to the content of this alkaloid.

The special benefits of Yohimbe are centered around weight loss and sexual health.  Yohimbe supports weight loss because it helps the process in the body when it processes fat cells, called lipid metabolism.  It can also turn the dial up on fat burning by inhibiting a receptor found on fat cells.

Yohimbe is hailed as a natural supplement to promote sexual health to both men and women.  Most sexual health remedies are aimed at men, but it’s important to remember that women can also be concerned about their sexual health.  Yohimbe may support feelings of desire, as it has been included as an aphrodisiac throughout much of its ancient history.  Scientifically, we now know that Yohimbe can directly influence feelings of desire by increasing blood flow to the sexual organs (both male and female), as well as increasing blood flow directly to the blood vessels and nerves which are responsible for sensation.


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