Get Your Brain Back In The Game:  Hacks for Productivity

The blank screen. The blinking cursor. Or, perhaps it’s the constant pop-up alerts from your business team messaging you or the incoming emails. The notification sounds and lights from your phone. Focus can be easily lost as the mind wanders and compartmentalizes trying to keep on task with all the extra stressors around you, whatever distractions they might be. Losing your focus seems to have a snowball effect, where the more time passes before you catch it seems to just make it harder and harder to get back to where you need to be. Below are some hacks to help get your brain back on task and be more productive.

#1—Work for 52 minutes, then take a 17-minute break

Taking frequent breaks helps destress your mind and take the pressure off of it from having to constantly sift through incoming stimuli. This is a hack used by many of the world’s most successful people. Plus, if you know you have an opportunity to zone out or make that phone call/send that text, it will keep your hands off your phone when you’re really trying to hone in on that productivity segment.

#2—Chew Gum for a Memory Boost for the next 10-15 minutes

If you’re struggling to keep awake during that class or the hundredth zoom meeting of the day, try chewing gum. It will help give your memory a quick pick-me-up for the next 10-15 minutes.

#3—Smell Peppermint Essential Oil for a Cognitive Boost

The smell of peppermint increases your alertness and improves cognitive performance. Wondering it this might apply to #2 if you chew peppermint gum? It’s possible--but stick to the powerful scents that essential oil sticks and diffusers can provide and remember to use this hack sparingly, so you don’t go nose-blind to it when you need it the most.

#4—Try Writing in Orange

Try writing with orange pens or using the color orange in some way when your focus really takes a hit. It stimulates critical thinking and memory and could help you get back on track while adding some color to your day. Remember to stay hydrated (this applies to those eyes drying out staring at computer screens all day!) and schedule chunks of time to be your most productive. No one can be productive all the time, but using a combination of these hacks and high-quality nootropic supplements can get you back on track.

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