Boost Your Memory in 10 Minutes

                If you’re looking for a quick way to improve your memory, it could be simpler than you think.  At the center of all memory-related functions is a brain region called the hippocampus.  You may have noticed that quite a few nootropics and supplements work by improving the connectivity of brain cells within the hippocampus and to other regions of the brain.

                That’s because the hippocampus is involved in memory, learning, and attention; but it’s one of the first regions of the brain to start to degrade with the normal aging process.  We’ve all heard that keeping your mind as active as possible while aging is one way to keep your memory sharp, but there’s also another way to improve memory, almost immediately.

                Researchers from California and Japan found that just one 10-minute period of mild exercise immediately improved the hippocampus and its associated brain areas for memory.  They believe that it’s due to the strengthening of the connections between the parts of the brain, like the hippocampus, that are involved in processing memories.

                The study followed healthy young adults, but there are other studies in progress to monitor how it can help older adults over time.  Previous research into memory and exercise has found that exercise helps to promote the formation of new brain cells, but it doesn’t result in immediate effects.  While you’re waiting for your favorite memory nootropics to start working, adding in just 10 minutes of mild to moderate exercise can boost your cognitive function and your memory instantly!


Further Reading

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