The Ultimate Guide to Treat Mood and Stress with Nootropics

When you think of nootropics, what imagery and sensations come to mind?

Imagine you wake up in the morning, have many mentally taxing tasks to complete, and you open your cabinet to find a nootropic that can help you. Usually it is going to improve your concentration, memory, or motivation, right?

While all of these are helpful, they can’t help mental performance if you have a poor mood and mental stress in the way. 


In fact, one of the best ways to improve your mental performance is to improve mood and reduce stress. Think back to your high school or college days; when you were super fearful, worrysome, and nervous, did you do well? Usually these feelings decrease performance.

Treating Mood and Stress – Fight or Flight

Reducing stress and improving mood is a lifelong task. It requires re-wiring parts of the brain in the amygdala. This “fight or fight” response usually causes people much heartache because they are unable to discern real threats (a lion) versus false threats (an attractive woman).

A great way to start improving your general mood levels and reduce stress is to use meditation. Even though it may seem difficult or woo-woo, there is actually a lot of science about the benefits of meditation. But here is the problem…

Meditation takes a while to show serious mood improvement benefits.

If you are trying to take a major exam or you have deadlines at work, then meditation will not be useful for you in the short term. At least, it will not be useful enough to make a real lasting difference in your mood levels for near term exams and mental challenges.

There are ways to treat anxiety with nootropics that are more effective and work quicker. While we advocate using meditation as a stress reduction technique, you should consider these nootropics for a short term fix.

Natural Stress and Mood Relief

Reducing your stress levels and improving your mood through natural herbs, extracts, and products isn’t inherently best, but it is definitely better than visiting a doctor to get prescription meditation. Some popular anti-anxiety prescriptions, such as Xanax, have been known to cause black-outs and other dangerous side effects. No, thank you. Here are some natural plants to start improving your mood.

L-Theanine – It seems like whether you need to increase focus or improve mood, L-Theanine is a great way to do so. However, when you are trying to improve concentration it is a good idea to combine L-Theanine with caffeine. In an attempt to reduce feeling of worry, sometimes it is best to avoid caffeine and take L-Theanine by itself.

According to a 2006 study in Biological Psychology, L-Theanine can “…cause anti-stress effects via the inhibition of cortical neuron excitation.” In addition, L-Theanine can improve alpha brain waves which are associated with the rest and relaxation state within the brain. Often, the alpha brain state allows for the best performance.

Bacopa Monnieri – This is an ancient herb used in India for thousands of years. It is part of the Ayurvedic tradition of medicine and has numerous health effects, which are still used today. Small villages in India use bacopa monnieri and ghee as a way of improving schooling and learning ability.

The expansive supplement information site,, specifically attributes bacopa’s ability to improve cognition and performance to stress reduction: “…has been shown to improve cognition, by means of [improving mood].”

Considered an “adaptogen”, this herb specifically works on the dopaminergic and serotonergic systems to promote neuron communication. Both dopamine and serotonin are brain chemicals associated with an increased mood so it is plausible this supplement is a mood enhancer.

Lemon Balm – If you haven’t already read my experience of lemon balm, it will be eye opening. This Mediterranean herb is not commonly used, but was incredibly effective for me to improve mood, feel stress free, and relax. Lemon balm works to relax individuals through the GABA brain chemical (specifically by inhibiting effects of GABA transaminase).

While not everyone will see the same exceptional results from lemon balm, it is worthwhile to try it out. I know my brain chemistry is skewed to need support with GABA, which is why lemon balm is so effective. Given that this mildly flavored tea is very affordable, it is a great option to try out in your mood-boosting concoction.

Mucuna Pruriens – While stress andMucuna_pruriens_flowers mood treatments are highly specialized to the person, there are some sure to help everyone. Dopamine is a brain chemical that influences happiness and feelings of euphoria. One of the problems for people who struggle with stress is that they often also have depression or poor mood. Used for many years in Africa, mucuna pruriens is a natural source of L-DOPA which is the precursor for the brain chemical dopamine. It is best if you can find a natural way of boosting your dopamine and mucuna pruriens is an excellent option.


Taking the Next Step

The herbal stuff just explained does work. The following nootropics to reduce anxiety aren’t superior in any way, they are just newer (thus often riskier) and sometimes more powerful. Many are synthetic and there is nothing wrong with that, but it is important to separate these options out.

Aniracetam – There are a few studies about aniracetam improving mood despite the benefits for memory and general cognition. Similar to bacopa monnieri above, it seems aniracetam improves cognition and mental performance by improving mood. The enhancer has positive effects on dopaminergic and serotonergic receptors, which makes it a perfect way of improving mood.

Many personal anecdotes on forums and Reddit make it clear that humans see plenty of mood-boosting properties from aniracetam. Aniracetam is definitely a worthwhile substitute for many other prescriptions and it improves other aspects of cognition like memory and concentration.

Mood Boosting Techniques & Nootropics

There are several ways people deal with mood and stress, but often they are not productive and certainly don’t improve mental performance. When trying to treat mood and stress, it’s important to tackle the problem with a two-sided attack.

  1. Long term techniques The longer term techniques include meditation, but many more as well. Try to find physical exertion that you find fun and enjoyable. The exercise will balance your brain chemicals and offer some advantages for your mood and improving your response to stress. Also, eating a diet that is free from too much sugar will make a big difference for your overall health.
  2. Short term supplementation – In addition to your long term techniques to reduce your general stress levels, nootropics can be a great tool. Any mood treatment that does not involve prescription drugs is a good thing.

If you avoid becoming dependent on nootropics to solve your problems with mood and stress, you can use them as needed to develop a better ability to handle these issues and perform cognitively.

6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Treat Mood and Stress with Nootropics

  1. Nick says:

    Most effective anti-anxiety nootropic supplement for anxiety, in my opinion, is Phenibut. It works almost for everyone and acts pretty fast.Like benzos but way safer. It’s also not expensive. Just don’t forget to use it responsibly.

    • Hk says:

      Does phenibut has any side effect? How to use it ? I have anxiety so severe that i could not work ? Anything I am trying to do comes with constant negative paranoid thoughts. Please help.

      • Jim says:

        Phenibut is probably the least effective for anxiety. Tolerance builds so quickly you will suffer from side effects of withdrawal which makes anxiety worse. That is my experience.

      • sam says:

        I’ve heard good things about fenibut but ive heard that you cant use it everyday. Check out the subreddit Nootropics on

        • Luciano says:

          Phenibut is excellent for anxiety, but like benzos, you can’t take it every day. I take it every seven days so I don’t build up a tolerance. Other people use it every fourth day. It’s best to use different things so that your body does not get used to one of them. There are some great things out there, including CBD oil. It works wonders.

  2. Carl says:

    I’ve found Ashwagandha and Bacopa Monnieri to be great for relieving stress and anxiety. The two potentiate each other quite well, and if you add coffee to the mix, you can actually get things done as well.

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