Derived from thiamine (vitamin B1), sulbutiamine is a powerful synthetic molecule that can treat chronic fatigue and boost concentration. According to numerous sulbutiamine studies performed throughout the 1960s, this smart drug is a potent way to combat fatigue and a lack of dietary thiamine.

Quick Sulbutiamine Studies:

  • Sulbutiamine can improve choline uptake by 10.1% for improved memory (reference)
  • Reduces mental and physical fatigue so you can work longer and harder (ref)
  • Mental energy boosts by 51.7 – 74.13% (ref) (ref)

Because this drug was synthesized to improve levels of thiamine, it has a number of benefits that come from this specific molecule. Taking raw thiamine is not very well absorbed and does not cross the blood brain barrier easily. Sulbutiamine, in contrast, is a great source of the molecule.

Anti-Fatigue and Sulbutiamine Studies

The fact that sulbutiamine anti-fatigue studies are so well discussed is not surprising. Many of the Japanese sailors who were struggling with diseases due to a lack of thiamine were incredibly happy to have the support of this synthetic molecule. Not only does the drug help to prevent fatigue, but the sulbutiamine concentration benefits are manifold as well. People who take the drug notice they are able to function a lot better with the support.

In addition, there are sulbutiamine benefits that you may have never considered, such as memory retention. One of the side benefits of sulbutiamine is that it can improve choline uptake in the brain. Choline is a precursor for the brain chemical acetylcholine, which is required to create memories. In fact, studies suggest it can increase uptake by 10.1%, which has profound impacts on memory retention and formation.

Other Benefits of Sulbutiamine

Aside from that, there are a few other benefits of using sulbutiamine according to the studies. Some people notice sulbutiamine mental energy enhancement, which gives them extra energy and strength to finish the task they are trying to complete. Luckily, there are not all that many poor side effects that are involved with the drugs and studies show it is a relatively safe way of getting more of this nutrient.

We all need thiamine to survive. It is one of the most important essential nutrients and, unfortunately, if we do not consume it through food, the studies suggest we will not get enough of it. The Japanese scientists who noticed sailors getting Beriberi thought of the right thing – find an alternative that is similar and easily crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Because of their hard work, we now have a great nootropic compound that can help you to improve your concentration, level of focus, and even helps with cognitive abilities. The sulbutiamine smart drug is a one-of-a-kind option that will enable you to get far more done than you could otherwise.

According to the studies on humans, taking sulbutiamine should be done with a dosage of around 400 mg daily. Anecdotal reports show that this dose range is one of the best for making sure you see all of the benefits of sulbutiamine without any of the drawbacks or side effects.