You may find that there are dozens of nootropics to search through to see whether they are right for you. Sulbutiamine may not have come across your radar, but it is one of the few supplements that is not only a great tool for improving cognition, but also a safe one. There are plenty of natural herbal remedies that are touted continuously for their safety and efficacy, but in general none of these stand up to the tests that this synthetic option can provide certain people.

The magic of sulbutiamine is related to our human need for certain nutritional values. One of the biggest positive effects of sulbutiamine is the ability to create thiamine in the brain (vitamin B1) so that you have more of this nutrient.

What Are the Positive Effects of Sulbutiamine?

For the most part, people who are interested in using sulbutiamine do not understand the various advantages of the drug until they do a little bit of research. Found in Japan, this synthetic option is just a simple way for the human body to get more of a nutrient called thiamine (vitamin B1). The problem with taking regular vitamin B1 is that it is not highly bioavailable. This means the body does not absorb it well so there are a lot of inefficiencies.

Now that you are looking at some of the other positive effects of sulbutiamine, you will find that there are a whole host. For example, some studies show that mental energy is improved in patients who take sulbutiamine by up to 51 – 74%. Studies suggest that patients who are using the drug are able to improve their mental performance and general cognition as a whole. This has serious long-term consequences for using this smart drug.

Aside from that, you are going to notice that this drug has one key benefit you might not expect: it increases memory retention. According to one study, sulbutiamine helps choline uptake by 10.1%, which is the nutrient responsible for memory formation in the brain. If you want to improve your memory, this is a good option to do so.

Other Benefits and Getting Started

Great! Now you know the benefits of using sulbutiamine and the positive effects, but it is time to get started and you might not know how to do so. The best thing that you can do is start off with the recommended dosage according to many of the studies. This dosage is 400 mg and it will help to provide all the positive effects we mentioned in the section above.

It will also have the benefit of avoiding many of the negative side effects that you might suffer from if you take too much overzealously (which many people end up doing!) For the most part, anyone who is interested in getting started with this drug needs to take a look at these factors and see which one is going to provide the most assistance. As this has shown, sulbutiamine is a great solution for people who are struggling with their mental energy.