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Krill Oil Softgels

Pure Nootropics’ Krill Oil Softgels provide Omega 3’s (DHA + EPA) plus Astaxanthin, a unique antioxidant specific to Krill Oil.

  • Contains Astaxanthin for superior heart health support (ref)*
  • Promotes anti-inflammatory activity in joints (ref)*
  • Supports Heart health (ref)*
  • Supports Cognitive health (ref)*
  • Supports Bone and Joint health (ref)*
  • Supports Mood (ref)*

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The benefits of Caffeine + L-theanine are now formulated in our 1-2-GO product to provide all the nootropic benefits of Caffeine, L-theanine and Theobromine.

Caffeine + L-Theanine Combination Benefits

  • May improve cognitive performance (ref)*
  • Promotes benefits of caffeine without unwanted effects (ref)*
  • Supports focus and attention (ref)*
  • Promotes wakefulness and alertness (ref)*
  • L-Theanine is General Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by U.S. FDA (ref)

Theobromine Benefits

  • A naturally occurring, mild stimulant responsible for the mood enhancing effects of chocolate (ref)*

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Phenylpiracetam Powder & Capsules

  • Phenylpiracetam (2-(2-Oxo-4-phenylpyrrolidin-1-yl)acetamide) is a derivative of Piracetam (ref)*
  • Synthesized in 1983 (ref), it is fat soluble and provides superior absorption (ref)*
  • More potent than Piracetam (ref)*
  • Assured Purity: Rigorously tested for quality & purity by third-party Certificate of Analysis*
30 x 100mg Capsules

Sulbutiamine Capsules

Sulbutiamine is a derivative of Thiamine (Vitamin B1) that was first synthesized in Japan in the 1950s (1)(2).

  • May reduce fatigue (ref)*
  • May help with recovery after illness (ref)*

Sulbutiamine is a subject of interest in the medical community, but thus far, there has not been a large amount of research or trials conducted with humans, except for some studies referenced above.*

 The following are examples of dynamics associated with Sulbutiamine through the animal model and may not be representative of the effects in the human body:

  • Supports memory (in mice) (ref)*
  • May improve recognition (in rats) (ref)*
  • May promote anti-oxidant activity (in vitro) (ref)*
60 x 200mg Capsules

KSM-66® Ashwagandha Powder & Capsules

KSM-66® Ashwagandha is an expertly formulated extract of Ashwagandha containing the highest concentration of the root available today, created by Ixoreal Biomed after 14 years of refinement (1).

  • Mood and stress support (ref)*
  • Supports sexual health in males (ref)* and females (ref)*
  • Promotes a healthy body weight (ref)*
  • Supports cognitive health (ref)*
  • May enhance cardiorespiratory fitness (ref)*
  • May promote muscle recovery after resistance-training exercise (ref)*

*This product contains milk allergens 

90 x 300mg Capsules