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Piracetam is the first and one of the most well researched nootropic drugs used for improved cognitive abilities.

  • Enhanced memory (reference)
  • Age related neuro protection (ref)
  • Protects the brain after injury (ref)
  • Depression / anxiety relief (ref)
  • Prescription drug for Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s (ref)
  • Mild side effects even with extreme doses (ref)

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Studies over the past three decades have shown piracetam benefits in three major areas. First, piracetam enhances performance in learning and memory tests in the short term. Experiments have also shown piracetam to protect against neurological degradation over time, which is why it is effective for both the young and elderly. Those suffering from alcohol-related neuronal loss can see protective benefits from piracetam products as well.

Major diseases, such as dementia, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, have all been treated using piracetam. Even dyslexia can be improved with piracetam usage.


Every individual reacts differently to piracetam, but the chemical composition allows the drug to enter the bloodstream rapidly and unchanged. Peak plasma concentration among fasting subjects is achieved in around 30 minutes. The half-life for the central nervous system is around 7.7 hours and 5 hours for plasma. Within 30 hours, the piracetam will have completely left the bloodstream.

Beginner piracetam use should involve around 1.5 – 6.5 grams per day ingested between 1 – 3 doses. According to some studies, the most effective dose for cognitive enhancement is 4.8 grams per day.

Mode of Action

Despite years of study, the exact cause of piracetam cognitive enhancement is still unknown. There are a series of four theories:

1. Membrane fluidity – piracetam provides higher membrane fluidity, which allows signaling molecules to cross more rapidly. This enhanced cell signaling may lead to the improved cognitive abilities.

2. Improved glutamate neurotransmission – studies have shown that piracetam (over 500mg / kg) can bind glutamate receptors for better synaptic transmission

3. Enhanced protein and phospholipid synthesis

4. Acetylcholine neurotransmission – studies indicate an increase in receptor density with piracetam use


Piracetam has a relatively high toxicity level according to all available research. Doses of 4.5g per pound provided no serious toxic effects in animal trials. In humans, doses of 8g per day resulted in few health problems while reproductive studies prove no adverse effect for pregnant women.


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For more information about piracetam, please visit our blog to educate yourself.

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