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Phenylpiracetam is a powerful cognitive enhancer for memory and also has physical stimulant like properties

  • Physical: Increased locomotor activity (distance and velocity) (ref)
  • NOTE: Phenylpiracetam is a banned substance according to the world doping agency (ref)
  • Cognitive: Shown to improve recovery in stroke patients (reference)
  • Enhances cognitive function in epilepsy patients (ref)

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Phenylpiracetam Benefits

Phenylpiracetam was developed in 1983 and has showed great promise as it is a more powerful analogue to the well known piracetam. There are two primary benefits of phenylpiracetam. The first are those benefits of piracetam like enhanced learning and memory in short-term tests. Experiments also show that phenylpiracetam can help to protect against neurological degradation, which is useful for those with trauma (like stroke patients) or age related neuronal loss.

In different areas of the world, phenylpiracetam (also known as Phenotropil, and Carphedon) is used to treat major memory related disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and dementia.

The other primary benefit of phenylpiracetam is that it also increases stamina and endurance physically speaking and thus is a banned substance by the world anti doping agency. This translates into mental stimulation as well. People who use phenylpiracetam feel as though they are more focused on their projects at hand.

Phenylpiracetam Dosage

While dosage will vary depending on the size of an individual, most people take 200 – 600 milligrams per day ingested between 1 – 3 doses. Because of the stimulant-like properties of phenylpiracetam, it is recommended to avoid in the evenings.

Also, keep in mind that some people find phenylpiracetam to have a tolerance. If you use the drug too often, you will develop a tolerance and have much less of a cognitive advantage when using the drug. Try not to take the drug every day.

Phenylpiracetam Mode of Action

There is much study of piracetam, but phenylpiracetam is less studied and thus there is no solid understanding of the mechanism of action. Many believe that phenylpiracetam works in the same way piracetam does with the additional of the “phenyl” bond which improves piracetam with stimulant like properties.


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Full Analysis

Phenylpiracetam is a potent memory enhancer and stimulant used to improve focus and concentration.

  • Enhances memory and learning (reference)
  • Potent stimulant (ref)
  • Antidepressant and mood enhancing effects (ref)
  • Helps brain damage recovery by up to 7% (ref)

Phenylpiracetam Benefits

There are a host of phenylpiracetam benefits, but the one primarily discussed is related to concentration and focus. There are thousands of people using a type of racetam at any given time, but few of them have the potency that phenylpiracetam has. According to anecdotal reports, phenylpiracetam is a highly stimulating nootropic compound that is so effective the Olympic committee had to ban the ingredient.

Aside from the concentration and focus benefits, there are advantages for using phenylpiracetam as a memory enhancer as well. It is a short-acting racetam, which means it is important to take the drug often, but it can help to enhance cognitive abilities in those who are using it.

Phenylpiracetam Studies 

There are not many studies on phenylpiracetam, but what exists is fairly promising. The primary evidence is done on animals, but there are some human trials showing how effective the drug can be for the purposes of improving cognitive abilities and general cognition. However, most of the research in the realm of racetams are related to elderly people and how memory is enhanced for them.

The studies of phenylpiracetam for the elderly show that it is indeed useful for preventing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and senile dementia. Within the healthy adult crowd on communities like Reddit and Longecity, it is much different from their perspective. The studies show traces of benefits that they want to replicate for enhancement. Many young adults use the phenylpiracetam studies for this purpose.

Phenylpiracetam Side Effects

Of course, there are some side effects of phenylpiracetam. Some people who utilize this drug find that the drug builds a tolerance quickly. While it might be potent and helpful at the beginning, using it too long creates a sense that the effects are diminishing. It is thus best to cycle through phenylpiracetam when at all possible.

Another side effect of phenylpiracetam is headaches resulting from choline metabolism. Like other racetams, when too much acetylcholine is used for memory enhancement, it can create tension in the head that results in headaches. Most of these side effects are rare and don’t stop people from taking phenylpiracetam. However, they might make it more useful to cycle the drug over the course of a week or months so as to avoid tolerance and any withdrawal issues.

Buy Phenylpiracetam

Similar to other drugs within the racetam class, phenylpiracetam is not regulated and thus requires you to be extra vigilant. Phenylpiracetam is a powerful smart drug and you must make sure that you are consuming the right chemical compound. This is where third party testing and certificates of analysis become important. With these protection mechanisms, you can get through the process a lot easier and without the risk for long-term health effects.

5 reviews for Phenylpiracetam Powder & Capsules

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Great stuff! Came quickly and had no trouble getting through Canadian customs. This stuff is very subtle in its effects, if you are expecting an amphetemine type experience or to do this recreationally you will be disappointed.

    However if you have lots of work or studying to get through, this works great! I’ve been using it to get through massive amounts of boring editing and my attention span and work drive is awesome. You do build a tolerance qiuckly though, so maybe set up a plan for ever other day.

    I find it acts as an enhancer for coffee, so if you are a coffee drinker be warned, this can really kick caffiene into high gear!

    It also tastes like crap, so get some gel caps. Don’t dissolve it in a drink.

    Otherwise, this stuff is pretty good. I am happy with it.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I had a wonderful mental rush and vigor on Phenylpiracetam.(I took two pills) I could easily focus and I had my wits about me. It hit me fairly quickly on an empty stomach. Only about 35 minutes after taking it. I felt on the ball. For me, it gave me a pronounced sensation or feeling in the front of my brain. More specifically my frontal lobe. I took choline bitartrate in the morning so I had no headache at all. This was my first real racetam and I loved it. At times it gave me a very intense locked on focused which was unreal. I’ve used lots of other nootropics. Noopept, gives me clear head which definitely boosts my creativity which is nothing like phenylpiracetam.

    Phenylpiracetam gave me the bite and edge to be detailed oriented. It lasted 4-5 hours for me, then again I’m sensitive to most things.

    I highly recommend this for a pick me up when you need it. Don’t use it everyday, otherwise there will be a tolerance.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    My order arrived quickly. The quality was outstanding. I loved it and will be purchasing again soon. Great product and a great price.

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    The order arrived quickly. The quality was perfect. I use this on high stress days. Phenylpiracetam acts much like Adderall, but without the side effects. Please use only when necessary as tolerance builds quickly. I am extremely pleased with the purchase, and I will definitely order again from pure nootropics!

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Such a great nootropic, no wonder it’s the second most popular product on the site! Highly recommended!

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