Optimal Choline Complex Subscription

$28.99 / month

Pure Nootropics’ Optimal Choline Complex combines two products to provide superior results. The two main ingredients are CDP Choline and Alpha GPC Choline.

Some benefits of CDP Choline include:

  • Supports cognitive function in the elderly (ref)*
  • May improve attentional performance (ref)(ref)*
  • May limit excitotoxicity from glutamate activity (ref)*
  • Promotes an increase in brain energy through improved mitochondrial functions (ref)*

Some benefits of Alpha GPC include:

  • Supports cognitive function in the elderly with high doses more significantly than CDP Choline (ref)*
  • May increase the production of the human growth hormone (HGH or somatropin) by working with the pituitary gland(ref)*
  • Promotes increases in strength outputs during resistance training workouts (ref)*
  • May enhance lower body muscle performance (ref)*
  • May provide a steadier level of choline in the body than with CDP Choline (ref)*