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Uridine Monophosphate Capsules

Pure Nootropics Uridine capsules support the formation of brain synapses and neuronal membranes, as well as increased dopamine levels resulting in elevated mood. 

  • Improved memory function and increased synapse formation (reference)
  • Increased dopamine release (ref) (ref)
  • Potent anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic properties (ref)
  • Improved mental capacity via increased number of synapses in the brain  (ref)
  • Enhanced the synthesis of CDP-choline, leading to increased phosphatidylcholine production (ref)

60 x 250mg Vegetarian Capsules

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Fish Oil Softgels

Pure Nootropics Ultra Strength Fish Oil contains triple the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA & EPA) than average fish oil capsules.  Research indicates Fish Oil provides cognitive and heart benefits. 

  • Cognitive: Shown to increase cognitive function in elderly men (reference)
  • Cognitive: Improvement of attentional and physiological functions (ref)
  • Cognitive: Increased cognitive function and anti-depressant like effects in healthy humans (ref)
  • Heart: Beneficial effects for people with cardiovascular disease and healthy individuals (ref)
  • Joint Health: Inhibits inflammation and reduces arthritic symptoms (ref)

90 x 1000mg softgels (90 servings)

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Optimal Choline Complex

This formula offers memory enhancement and neuro protective benefits of the two most efficient choline sources: CDP choline and alpha GPC choline

  • May enhance cognition and memory (reference)(ref)
  • All ingredients recognized as safe by FDA (ref)

60 x 300mg vegetarian capsules

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