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The benefits of Caffeine + L-theanine are now formulated in our 1-2-GO product to provide all the nootropic benefits of Caffeine, L-theanine and Theobromine.

Caffeine + L-Theanine Combination Benefits

  • May improve cognitive performance (ref)*
  • Promotes benefits of caffeine without unwanted effects (ref)*
  • Supports focus and attention (ref)*
  • Promotes wakefulness and alertness (ref)*
  • L-Theanine is General Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by U.S. FDA (ref)

Theobromine Benefits

  • A naturally occurring, mild stimulant responsible for the mood enhancing effects of chocolate (ref)*
Caffeine L-Theanine
1-2-Go Subscription

$12.99 / month