Before human use, piracetam side effects were studied extensively. The studies on animals and then humans over the past 4 decades prove that it is a safe and efficient method of improving memory and reducing age related neuronal loss.

Quick Side Effect Facts:

  • Positively effects memory and learning (reference)
  • Age related neuro protection (ref)
  • Injury protection side effects (ref)
  • Reduces depression symptoms in some people (ref)
  • Mild risk for brain fog, upset stomach, and headache (ref)
  • Low risk of toxicity (ref)

piracetam side effects
A major reason for the popularity of piracetam is the safety and positive effects. Most people are less concerned with the piracetam side effects because they are rare and usually easy to prevent while the effects are useful and often profound.

Because piracetam was discovered in the 1970s, it is well-studied and one of the most important nootropics that is still used in high quantities today.

Piracetam Benefits and Effects

There are many benefits of piracetam, but the primary use is for learning enhancement. The piracetam benefits for memory are documented in numerous studies that shows elderly individuals and middle-aged people alike can increase short and long term memory.

The Alzheimer’s piracetam benefits are considered the most important by many scientists and doctors. This is why piracetam is continually used as a prescription drug for severe memory loss across the globe. The ability to learn more material faster is something that younger students and high performance individuals are eager to do.

The effects for memory are the most profound, but studies show an exponential effect when combining choline, which is the precursor for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. The piracetam benefits with choline are greater than with either of the two alone because of how piracetam works. The mechanism of action is such that piracetam increases utilization and uptake of acetylcholine into the hippocampus to create new memories. When there is not enough acetylcholine, the piracetam can’t do the job properly.

Piracetam Side Effects & Prevention

There are a few piracetam side effects, but many of them can be avoided with the right type of preventative measures. Piracetam headache prevention can take place by simply taking a dosage of choline if you don’t eat enough eggs or organ meats. The piracetam headache and choline are extricably linked, which is why sites like Reddit and Longecity are warning about the benefits of combining the two.

When it comes to piracetam side effects and headaches, the primary concern for most individuals is to supplement with enough choline. Even though there is a small fraction of people who actually have headaches because of taking choline, most people don’t deal with this. If you continue to take choline in higher doses and you still have a headache, try once without any choline and you might feel better.

Dangers of Piracetam

Anyone who is interested in a new smart drug should consider the dangers before taking it. Luckily, with piracetam there are so many studies and experiences online that you can tell what you are getting yourself into very quickly.

The piracetam dangers of toxicity are very low because it is such a well tolerated drug. Rat and human studies show that doses many times the recommended amount yield no negative effects. Some of the rat studies have doses that are dozens of times higher than anything realistic for a human without causing significant damage.

Sometimes combining psychoactive ingredients can be a problem. For example, piracetam dangers and alcohol can be real for people that are not used to drinking. The piracetam can speed up the process of becoming drunk so fewer drinks yield a similar result. Yet, there are piracetam benefits with alcohol as well, which stem from motor control and other similar benefits.

As we mentioned earlier, the piracetam dangers and choline uptake can create some headaches and in the long term can deplete your levels of acetylcholine. Therefore, it is important to eat the right foods or at least get a choline supplement.

Finally, it is important to be careful about quality piracetam dangers. There are a lot of people selling products that claim to be piracetam, but they may not be the quality you want. The worst side effects most people need to worry about are from a poor quality product on the internet.

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