Taking piracetam as a smart drug is probably one of the safest things that you can within the field of nootropics. People have been testing piracetam for many decades and it has the most research with the fewest potential side effects. Some people buy piracetam of poor quality, which produces problems of a totally different nature.

However, assuming you are getting the right neuro enhancer, optimizing the piracetam choline ratio will be one of the most effective things that you can use to improve results. In the following article, we will explain how to derive your piracetam choline ratio and we will provide a few suggestions.

Piracetam Choline Ratio and Rat Studies

Getting the ratio of choline and piracetam is different for everyone, but you can learn something from the animal studies. The most useful rat study was performed in 1981 and showed that the piracetam and choline synergy was more powerful than anyone expected. Most people thought that piracetam was a great cognitive enhancer, but the addition of choline made it so much powerful.

The same study used a ratio of 1:1 for the piracetam and choline. The rats were given 100 mg of piracetam and 100 mg of choline and their results for cognitive improvement were far better than anyone had imagined. Yet, this does not tell the complete story of the right ratio for humans. The bio individuality makes it difficult for people to know whether the rat studies are really helpful, but it is up to you to try for yourself.

piracetam choline ratio

Types for Piracetam Choline Ratio

Another important aspect of the piracetam choline ratio is determining what type of supplement you are using. If you are using a weaker form of choline like lecithin, then you might still need to have a similar 1 to 1 ratio of piracetam to choline. However, with most humans it is better to have a lesser ratio and still get the benefits of both.

People who are using piracetam are recommended to start with between 1.5 – 6.5 grams per day divided into multiple doses. The doses for the choline supplements are different and depend greatly on the type that you are using. For lecithin, it might be around 2.5 grams per day, which can be similar to the piracetam usage.

However, for things like Alpha GPC and CDP choline, you will only need around 250 – 300mg per day compared with far more of the piracetam. Therefore, the piracetam choline ratio is going to be determined by the quality of the choline supplement that you are taking. Something like lecithin will be much higher than a powerful choline supplement like Alpha GPC.

Piracetam Choline Ratio

Now that you have a better understanding about the ratio of choline and piracetam, you can try to make a good individualized combination. Most people do not need very long to get a good understanding of their piracetam and choline combination understood. After this is done, you will be able to enjoy the mental and cognitive benefits of using the two together.

piracetam choline ratio

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