Like many new smart drugs, the phenibut studies are not complete. Yet, what exists is powerful and shows a significant positive trend for people who are interested in cognitive enhancement through nootropic tools. This drug is known as one of the most powerful tools to treat general and social anxiety and you will feel more capable of making a decision about the drug if you have the right information beforehand.

Quick Phenibut Studies:

  • Improves cognitive function and learning (reference)
  • Reduces feelings of stress and anxiety (ref)
  • Helps enhance sleep quality (ref)

There are plenty of nootropics designed and synthesized by the Soviet Union during the Cold War era. Today, these drugs are some of the most powerful and studies from as much as 40 – 60 years ago are valid evidence of their efficacy.

Phenibut Studies Regarding General Anxiety

One of the great advantages of this drug that keeps people coming back for more is a reduction in social and general anxiety. The phenibut anxiety connection is relatively strong and has been researched by many labs and scientists over the course of the past 60 years. As recently as 2001, the CNS Drug Reviews¬†periodical (central nervous system) came out with a new study that showed how phenibut is used “…to relieve tension, anxiety, and fear…” According to modern studies, it is being used to great effect as a prescription in some countries and can continue being utilized in the western world.

People who struggle with social anxiety can also see tremendous value in this tool. The phenibut social anxiety benefits are quite profound for people as well. While there is more anecdotal evidence about phenibut and how it can be utilized in a social setting, it is still helpful to know that this is a tool people are widely using for the purpose of reducing social awkwardness and anxiety.

Finally, all of this discussion about anxiety has one major downstream effect that is incredibly positive. By reducing anxiety and nervousness, the phenibut smart drug is also able to help with stress. The phenibut stress relief stories that you might find on the internet are quite profound and many times they are validated in the scientific research.

Other Benefits of Phenibut

Some of the other benefits of phenibut are related to the anxiety and stress reduction in some way. For example, people taking phenibut for sleep quality can see a big difference because of the added tranquility that they feel while on the drug. Being free from stress not only improves sleep quality, but is useful for the purposes of improving cognitive abilities as well.

One major study showed there were phenibut cognitive function advantages that could be attributed to higher performance through lack of stress. In fact, many drugs are useful as cognitive performance enhancers because they reduce stress and tension, which allows for a more free flow of ideas and mental thought. In the case of phenibut, this is true and validated in much of the research. Now that you fully understand the phenibut studies, you can better prepare to use this supplement.