Brain fog is a general term that can describe a number of different things. People who are addicted to caffeine and then do not use it often experience brain fog where they are unable to focus and complete the tasks at hand. Other people have brain fog after a night of binge drinking and there is ample reason to believe that alcohol is the leading cause of all brain fog. Nonetheless, some smart drugs that improve cognitive function have this feature as a side effect as well.

Specifically, phenibut is a great nootropic that helps people to feel less anxious, less stressed, and it helps them to improve their cognitive performance as a result. Nonetheless, there are phenibut brain fog issues that can come up that cause people to take a second look at whether or not that is something they want.

Phenibut Brain Fog and Mental Health

There are things that you might not realize about your mental health, but understanding them is important. For example, brain fog is something that can occur not just from a lack of a substance (such as caffeine, alcohol, or phenibut), but also because of poor sleep or dietary practices. While we hope to help you to have a stronger and more healthy brain, this article focuses specifically on how phenibut brain fog can be avoided.

The number way to avoid phenibut brain fog is to continue taking doses of the drug at certain intervals for the time being. If you are feeling like final exams or a particular part of the year require specific support through phenibut, it might be a good idea to use it during that part of the year only and then cycle off. That means you take a set number of doses to have the results you are looking for and then you move on.

This strategy means the brain fog might show up later on in the sequence, but by that time you don’t need your tip-top brain power to be in shape!

Starting with Phenibut

Now that you know about the brain fog and some of the dosage issues, you might want to get started to reduce your anxiety or stress. It might be a part of the year where you are most stressed and that is the best reason and time to take this drug so long as you find a breaking point to stop.

The starting place according to most reports is between 250 – 500 mg in 1 – 3 doses per day. By using it in this way, you can stay within the recommended dosage range not have a significant problem with your withdrawals later on. You will need to cycle down if you are going to the higher end of the spectrum and already dependent on the drug, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be done.

The lower you can keep your dosage and the less frequent you can take it, the better. This is a great way to reduce your anxiety, but keep in mind the brain fog and other side effects and how to mitigate them.