Along with every positive feature comes with a potential drawback and phenibut is no different than any other nootropic. There are a variety of drugs that improve feelings of anxiety and provide stress and tension relief, but it is helpful to have the full picture before you make any decisions. Better understanding the phenibut side effects can help you to find solutions for your problems that are particular to your needs and demands.

Quick Phenibut Side Effects:

  • Withdrawal symptoms are most well-known
  • Phenibut can cause brain fog in high doses
  • Phenibut does not combine well with alcohol

Withdrawal Phenibut Side Effects

The phenibut withdrawal is one of the most well-recorded drawbacks of phenibut that exists. Despite the popularity of the drug for reducing anxiety and feelings of stress, it can be a powerful tool that also has powerful side effects. People sometimes become accustomed to using phenibut or reliant upon the drug, which makes it hard to come off. Even if it is not addictive, the physical process of removing phenibut from your system can cause some distress.

Being able to see the phenibut withdrawal symptoms makes a big difference. This can help you to avoid some of the pitfalls of using the smart drug while still taking advantage of the benefits. When it comes to withdrawal symptoms and problems, one of the biggest problems to consider is going cold turkey. This can cause the harshest symptoms so it is a good idea to slowly and gradually reduce your dose.

Withdrawals are also dependent upon your phenibut dosage information. If you remain fairly safe with your dose range and stick to a relatively recommended range of 250 – 500 mg no more than 1 – 3 times per day, you should be fine in the long run.

Other Side Effects of Phenibut

There are some other side effects of phenibut to be warned about as well. First, you’ll find many people discussing the product and their usage online and how much brain fog results when not using the drug anymore. Some people go beyond simple withdrawal symptoms and have this brain fog for 2 months. The phenibut brain fog symptoms are not super problematic, but they are definitely one of the negative side effects of phenibut.

Yet, many of these negative aspects do not outweigh the positives. People who take this drug are using it as a source of fuel for them to remove their anxiety, stress, and general feelings of tension. Oftentimes the positive side effects of phenibut are far more valuable than any of the negative aspects could ever be.

Getting Started with Phenibut

Before you get started taking phenibut, it is a good idea to decide whether it is worth it. Check in with the benefits of the drug and then compare them with what you have to lose regarding these side effects we have outlined. Most people find that, like anything else, phenibut is a great tool that can serve a purpose if used in the right way and with respect. Ensuring you use it this way is easy with the tips we provided!