Oxiracetam Studies

Oxiracetam is a newer analogue in the racetam family. It was first studied in 1990 and showed excellent results for enhanced memory and neuro protection. Most studies on humans and animals show that oxiracetam is a potent stimulant and can prevent brain damage and injury.

Quick Oxiracetam Findings:

    • Supports memory and learning (reference)
    • Stimulant without anxiety side effects (ref)
    • May protect against oxidative damage (ref)
    • May be useful to prevent neuro-degeneration and age-related memory loss (ref)


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Oxiracetam is a very well researched nootropic compound even though it was the third discovered and synthesized racetam. The studies show it is an effective memory enhancer and can be used as a stimulant for focus and attention. However, there are many positive mood effects and some neuroprotective effects that are highly unique for the racetam family. These studies are promising for anyone who has had some type of trauma to the brain (whether chemically induced – like alcohol or physically induced from sports).

Oxiracetam in Research

Learning from oxiracetam studies is not as easy as aniracetam and piracetam because there is slightly less research. However, because it was developed so many decades ago, there is ample evidence that it is an effective nootropic. Aside from the memory benefits of using oxiracetam, there is oxiracetam depression evidence suggesting there are positive effects on mood (similar to other racetams). Even though this does not happen every time, it is a possibility that is helpful to test.

Many of the oxiracetam studies for research will help you to also see the unique properties in oxiracetam that are not present in the other racetams. The health benefits from a neuroprotective perspective are far more profound than many other compounds. With proper oxiracetam dosage specifications it is possible to see long term neurological effects, but also short term effects. The short oxiracetam half life lends itself to a stimulatory nature, which makes it similar to aniracetam.

Many people love the oxiracetam half life in humans because it is short and provides both the memory enhancement benefit along with the stimulation. There are also effects on mood that can be profound; the oxiracetam depression in anecdotal reports suggests it is a potent tool for overcoming these feelings.

Dosage and Dangers

As with most nootropics, the evidence supporting use comes with dosage and danger recommendations. The oxiracetam dosage specifications are rather loose because racetams are generally well received by the body. Most people who have some side effects or ill health effects are not paying attention to oxiracetam dangers of high doses, but usually this is because of “mega dosing”. The typical oxiracetam dosage comes with few side effects and even if you take more than recommended, it takes a lot before ill health effects start to play a roll.

The oxiracetam studies for neuro protection are clear as are the issues with dangers and dosage. If you are only interested in cognitive enhancers that have some scientific evidence, this is one of the few that may be useful.