Although commonly considered a racetam, the noopept smart drug is technically something altogether different. The neuro enhancer is structurally similar and provides many of the same effects, but is far more potent than piracetam.

Anyone who is interested in taking noopept should understand the potency and the proper dosing for the safest results. The noopept dosage information can help you to better administer your smart drug intelligently.

Potency and Noopept Dosage

As mentioned, the noopept dosage is fundamentally governed by potency. Because it is 1000 times more potent than piracetam (by weight) and has high bioavailability, it is very effective for treating memory loss and cognitive decline.

The recommended starting point ranges from 10mg – 30mg per day between 1 – 3 doses. Typically, it is good for beginners to start with 10mg of noopept in the morning. Unlike some racetams, noopept can be taken on an empty stomach.

noopept dosage

Administration Methods and Research

Research of noopept has offered scientists and researchers a bit of insight into noopept, but the most evidence is from animals. Studies show that 0.01mg/kg – 10 mg/kg are effective doses for animals, but in humans yields something along the lines of 171 mcg – 171 mg. Given the recommended range above, it would be unwise to try something in the 171 mg range for cognitive enhancement purposes.

Preliminary animal research suggests that toxicity is also not much of a problem depending on your noopept dosage. A dose of 171 mg for a 70 kg person is suspected to improve neuro protection, but the exact numbers are unknown.

Debate about the administration of the noopept dosage has taken place over the past year as well. To increase the efficacy, placing the powder directly under the tongue for up to 20 minutes may be useful. However, there are other products, such as our noopept sublingual solution, which offer many of the same benefits without the mess.

noopept dosage

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