L-Tyrosine Memory Benefits

With modern humans living longer than ever, memory has taken an important place in the thoughts of adults. People realize that they have more time than ever before on this Earth, which means they want to keep their quality of living as high as possible. Given the increase in age related memory loss, many are wondering how they can take advantage of supplementation to prevent memory loss.

Using the L-tyrosine memory benefits is quickly becoming one of the go-to suggestions for many elderly people as well as youth. The reason L-tyrosine is so well liked is because of the safety features in addition to a variety of other factors. This article will focus primarily on the L-tyrosine memory benefits, but will also have evidence from studies so you can make an informed decision.

L-Tyrosine Memory Benefits in Research Literature

There are many different L-tyrosine memory benefits that you can utilize, but only if they actually work! Too many supplements are full of hype and do not actually deliver on the given objective. When it comes to L-tyrosine, that is a product that will help you to improve dopamine and adrenaline in the brain, which are both useful for helping to retain memory.

There were two specific studies that showed working memory could be improved with the help of this amino acid. One of them was used during cold stress where people were made very cold and then supposed to utilize their cognitive function. In the end, the double blind study found that working memory was increased in subjects that used L-tyrosine.

The important thing to consider is that L-tyrosine benefits aren’t necessary boosting brain power, but preventing neurological decline. In certain stressful situations, one can forget a lot more because of dealing with the stress. With l-tyrosine, it is much easier to avoid worrying about the stress and instead focus on the task at hand.

Getting Started with L-Tyrosine

If you are interested in getting started with L-tyrosine and simply do not know where to start, it might be a good idea to start with the recommended dosage. The range is around 500 – 2000 mg if you are taking the supplement 30 – 60 minutes before any stressor. If you are planning on using L-tyrosine as an anti-stress supplement you might want to increase the use to 9 – 13 g (if 200 lbs) or even 7 – 10 g (if 150 lbs).

While the discrepancy might be high for these different dose ranges, it is still a good idea for you to start at the lower end and you\’ll have a much better appreciation for the supplement as you take more and more. If you start too high too quickly, that is undoubtedly a recipe for disaster.

Most people who are getting started with L-tyrosine are involved in rigorous physical activity or have very stressful things occur in their professional life. Seriously consider if you need to find a chronic stress solution in addition to L-tyrosine for your acute stress. You might find it to be a useful tool for that purpose.