L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that is used in the body to produce brain chemicals that reduce acute stress and prevent memory loss related to stress. While this amino acid can be found in many foods, taking a direct and concentrated supplement form can have a profound effect for stimulation and reducing stress levels. Use these L-tyrosine studies to better understand how the drug can help you.

  • L-tyrosine is a good anti-stress tool for an acute stressor, like exercise (reference)
  • L-tyrosine is stimulatory (ref)
  • Improves cognitive abilities (ref)
  • Enhances working memory during acute stressors (ref)

Although it might seem simplistic to take an amino acid in order to improve your cognitive abilities, L-tyrosine shows just how powerful basic building blocks of proteins can be. Learning more about L-tyrosine studies will help you to better understand the impacts on your body.

L-Tyrosine Anti-Stress Benefits

There are many benefits of L-tyrosine, but perhaps one of the most well known and researched are the L-tyrosine anti-stress benefits. For people who are chronically stressed at work, this is not the amino acid that is for you. In certain situations the common stressors of life pale in comparison to the gigantic life events that cause distress. This could be something emotional, such as a relative dying, it could be something physical, such as extreme illness or injury. Whatever the case may be, L-tyrosine reduces fatigue and stress to take on the world better.

There are other drugs, such as Ayurvedic medicines bacopa monnieri or ashwagandha, that can help for people who have chronic stress. While this is useful, it is not the same thing as L-tyrosine. Imagine that you are plunged deep into an ice bath (like people engaging in the L-tyrosine studies!). Your body gets cold, the body temperature drop is a huge burden for your body, and you need additional support to get your core temperature back up. This is where L-tyrosine and other acute stress supplements come into play.

Memory, Cognition, and Wellbeing with L-Tyrosine

In addition to the reduction of stress and fatigue, L-tyrosine is an amino acid that can help with many other aspects of your health as well. For one, you will be able to improve your memory and cognitive abilities through this supplement. The L-tyrosine memory benefits are established in numerous studies and focus on the working memory portion more than anything else.

Similarly, the L-tyrosine cognition advantages are found through a few studies. According to Examine, a reliable source on the subject, “…appears to effectively improve cognition during acute stressors (altitude and cold being tested most)…” Even if this is not true after the stressor is not present, it is still helpful for you to know!

The hormones that are improved with the help of L-tyrosine are also well known and useful. The L-tyrosine dopamine connection is strong, which means you can not only improve your general wellbeing and mood, but also have better hand-eye coordination. Finally, you’ll find that L-tyrosine enhances adrenaline, which can be useful for a number of things.