Even though L-tyrosine is only an amino acid, it can still be dangerous depending on who is taking the supplement. While most people find it to be a great way of improving overall cognitive abilities, it is important to know all of the L-tyrosine side effects before starting any regimen so you can get the best results. Follow our instructions in order to stay safe.

Quick L-Tyrosine Side Effects:

  • L-tyrosine can be stimulatory and effect sleep (reference)
  • L-tyrosine interacts with absorption of some drugs like levodopa (ref)
  • L-tyrosine can exacerbate hyperthyroid conditions (ref)
  • Migraine sufferers can experience worse headaches (ref)

Like many other amino acids, L-tyrosine is effective, but must require some care in supplementing. This article can give you an idea of some of the drawbacks so that you may weigh them in conjunction with the benefits of the supplement.

L-Tyrosine Positive Effects

The reason people take L-tyrosine is because there are some healthy effects of the supplement. One of the main positive side effects of L-tyrosine is improved resistance to stress and fatigue. If you are facing a difficult situation, such as a cold environment or something similar, it is a good idea for you to consider L-tyrosine for the acute stress. Most people do not put the two together, but acute stress and this amino acid go hand in hand. This is one of the most profound and well-researched positive side effects of L-tyrosine, but there are others.

For example, the level of evidence is highest for things like cognition where studies show that L-tyrosine can help to prevent working memory loss during stressful conditions and helps to improve performance as well. These studies have been done in order to find out whether L-tyrosine is the effective brain booster that it claims to be.

Finally, L-tyrosine can be a depression reliever in many people because of the dopamine metabolism as well. The L-tyrosine depression benefits are profound for many, but it will depend on your personal brain chemistry.

Negative Side Effects of L-Tyrosine

Of course, if you are reading through this section you are probably more concerned with the negative side effects of L-tyrosine and for good reason. One of the things that is documented from a scientific and anecdotal perspective are the L-tyrosine headaches. Usually these are only problems for people who already have migraine headaches and this becomes a side effect.

Even though some people love to focus and concentrate on their tasks more, the L-tyrosine supplement can sometimes go too far for people. It is a powerful stimulant and some complain that they are kept awake too late or find themselves restless as a result. Often this is due to increasing the adrenaline in the brain, which is a brain chemical that impacts many things. While it is useful for focusing more on your work, it can also prevent sleep because it is an alert “fight or flight” response hormone.

The L-tyrosine smart drug is powerful, but also has risks. Keep these in mind when you are dosing and buying L-tyrosine and you will have a much better experience with the drug.