Treating ADHD is typically done by pumping children full of prescription drugs that can lead to all kinds of unhealthy results. It is far better to look for a natural ADHD treatment that will provide your kids with all the help that they need to focus without the side effects.

L-theanine is an amino acid derived from green tea, which serves as a natural ADHD treatment. The following article will summarize major studies and show how safe L-theanine is for treatment and why it is even more effective than some medications.

Natural ADHD Treatment Versus Modern Prescriptions

One of the biggest problems of modern prescription medications is that they are often made with ingredients that can cause addiction and long-term damage. Prescriptions like Adderall are actually amphetamines that can produce an euphoric high with a terrible crash and “come-down”. A lot of children get addicted to drugs like without wanting to.

L-theanine is a natural ADHD treatment that can target alpha brain waves in the brain. Tests of EEG show that L-theanine promotes alpha brain waves, which correspond with relaxation and tranquility. This is one reason why L-theanine is also a natural anxiety treatment in a lot of people.

There are studies using L-theanine directly with ADHD children and the results were astounding. The children were far healthier with about 100 mg of L-theanine before going to sleep. Their quality of sleep improved dramatically, which allowed them to enhance focus and attention the next day.

natural ADHD treatment

Benefits of L-Theanine

The benefits of L-theanine are manifold, but as a natural ADHD treatment it is useful for a few things

  • Enhanced alpha brain waves for relaxation
  • Improved sleep quality in ADHD patients
  • Reduced anxiety to improve performance
  • Increased focus and attention

The last feature is a bit paradoxical, but studies show that with the enhanced relaxation, it is also possible to focus more clearly and be attentive. Many people utilize L-theanine alongside caffeine as a potent tool for increasing focus beyond the ordinary.

Pure Nootropics offers a L-theanine sublingual solution, which is a natural ADHD treatment that goes under the tongue. Because it is a theanine supplement that does not get metabolized in the intestines, you can keep much more of the psychoactive compound to improve your ADHD.

natural ADHD treatment

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