Some people find that making L-theanine sublingual solution is too complicated and too difficult to do at home. While we recognize most people do not want to create their own supplement of L-theanine, it is not a difficult thing to do.

The advantages of using a sublingual administration compared to oral usage are great. For those interested in finding out more about the difference between these methods, the following article should provide a preliminary overview.

L-Theanine Sublingual vs. Oral

There is nothing inherently wrong with taking a drug orally and in fact, many times it is even more advantageous. For example, a drug that has a high bioavailability and does not lose much of the psychoactive ingredient during the first pass metabolism should ideally be taken in the oral form.

When taking something like sublingual L-theanine, the thought is to get the psychoactive ingredient directly into the bloodstream rather than putting it into the intestines where enzymes can consume and destroy it. L-theanine is an amino acid that can lose some of the psychoactive compound within the intestines, which is why the sublingual administration is so effective.

The other thing to consider is potency and how quickly it works. For people that take L-theanine for sleep, it is important to get enough of the psychoactive ingredient fairly quickly so it can help to make physiological and biochemical changes in the brain.

People that take the drug orally do not have such an instant shot of the psychoactive compound, which can lead to less efficacy and delayed onset. Some people who take the L-theanine liquid find that it is potent and effective in very small doses.

Cost for Sublingual Solutions

The problem that a lot of nootropics users have is that L-theanine in the sublingual form tends to cost a little bit more money than a regular product that you might find in the store. The difference that makes it hard to compare the two is that the sublingual solution is more potent and requires less per dose to have the same effect. Another type of theanine supplement might require spending a little more time and money on each of the doses, which nobody wants.

Pure Nootropics does sell L-theanine in the sublingual solution that you can purchase from our store. It is made with a variety of flavors including pumpkin for the season of Fall!

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