Children suffer from a wide variety of ailments, but many of these are treated with healthy alternatives to prescription drugs. Common difficulties with children include ADD / ADHD, sleeping problems, as well as other behavioral issues.

Even though L-theanine for children is not assured to solve all your problems, it is a safe and all natural option that can improve the mood of your child and help them to focus more while they are growing up.

Is L-Theanine for Children Safe?

The first question any responsible parent should ask is whether L-theanine for children is a safe thing to consume. L-theanine is an amino acid that is found in green tea, which helps provide a relaxing and calming sensation. Brain scans and EEGs of the brain show that L-theanine is a safe amino acid for therapeutic purposes. This is probably why so many cultures have consumed tea for thousands of years.

L-theanine for children

Studies on the safety of L-theanine in high doses also show similar features. The LD50 (amount required to kill half the population) for L-theanine is many thousand times higher than the recommended dosage.

There are even studies of L-theanine directly on children as a natural anxiety treatment. Through these studies, it is obvious that children are not only safe when taking L-theanine, but also benefit greatly.

Improving Health with L-Theanine

The purpose of L-theanine for children is to improve health. A study of L-theanine showed that it increased alpha brain waves, which is responsible for relaxation. Even though the L-theanine improves relaxation and is a well known anxiety treatment, it can also improve focus as well.

Studies of L-theanine for ADHD revealed that children with this disease could not only get better sleep (which is often a problem), but could also perform better and focus more often. L-theanine is a well known psychoactive compound that can improve focus, which is why it might be such an effective tool for your children.

Is L-Theanine Right for You?

Everyone has to determine whether L-theanine is the right supplement for their child. Every child is different and has a variety of needs. However, L-theanine is one of the safest therapies you are going to find on the market and it is all natural. It is sourced from green tea and does not have side effects like most other prescription drugs.

At Pure Nootropics, we offer a L-theanine sublingual solution, which allows you to put the drops under the tongue for even more effective treatment. This L-theanine liquid is more efficient and potent so you need less in order to have the same effect for your children. We also offer an extra version encapsulated version for anyone that is comfortable taking a pill or that wants to avoid the taste of the sublingual solution.

L-theanine for children

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