Trying to find the best natural supplements for anxiety? There are a few options to choose from, but the best is L-theanine by far. Studies show that L-theanine is above and beyond the rest of the natural substances people utilize for anti-anxiety purposes.

In the following article, we will offer a number of advantages one can see from using L-theanine and some of the best methods of doing so. We will also compare L-theanine to other natural supplements like lemon balm to see how effective they are.

Why is L-Theanine so Effective?

Researchers are not entirely sure why L-theanine is so effective and considered one of the best natural supplements for anxiety. There are a number of benefits observed by scientists over the past few years:

  • Reduced heart rate
  • Normalized blood pressure
  • Increased alpha brain waves (relaxation)
  • Enhanced sleep quality

best natural supplements for anxiety

All of these factors are important for people who are suffering from some type of generalized anxiety. In patients where it is worse, the effects are even more powerful and helpful.

Another way to make sure that L-theanine is considered one of the best supplements for anxiey, is to create a sublingual L-theanine solution. By administering the drug sublingually, you will be in a much better position to get the psychoactive compound into the bloodstream rather than waiting for it to pass through your intestines and therefore lose out to enzymes.

Comparing L-Theanine to Other Natural Supplements

The only other two natural anxiety treatments that are effective are chamomile and lemon balm. Both are natural ingredients used in teas (in the Mediterranean and other regions of the world). Both of them have great properties that lend them to improving anxiety, but individually they are not as effective as the L-theanine.

If you are interested in the best natural supplements for anxiety, getting lemon balm tea and mixing it with L-theanine will probably provide the best solution. This will not only enhance your ability to produce alpha brain waves, but it will increase GABA and leave you with a well-rounded anxiety relief product.

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