For many people who are suffering from anxiety, sleep deprivation, or just want to negate side effects of caffeine, L-theanine is a great natural supplement to do all of those things. Even though L-theanine is a great quality amino acid for improved health, the best L-theanine supplement is one that is administered in a much more efficient manner.

Even though taking L-theanine capsules might be the initial way that people get introduced to L-theanine, the sublingual solution is a far more effective method. In the following article, we will explain what the L-theanine sublingual is and how it might be able to help you.

Sublingual L-Theanine Solution

For most people interested in taking any kind of smart drugs, the question becomes “what are the benefits of X?” The health benefits of L-theanine are well documented, which is why many people flock to this compound in the first place. However, the benefits of taking a sublingual solution are even more profound for a number of physiological reasons.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the L-theanine you take in a pill is digested and metabolized through the intestinal wall. The enzymes that are in your intestines and in your stomach break down some of the L-theanine before it even has a chance to enter your bloodstream. While it doesn’t take that long to be effective, but is definitely longer than methods that put the drug into your bloodstream directly.

The L-theanine sublingual solution provides the best L-theanine supplement because the drops will help you to get the substance to your bloodstream unchanged. It is all absorbed by your brain and then becomes psychoactive by crossing the blood-brain barrier. Less is needed due to the higher potency as well.

best L-theanine supplement

Why Take the Best L-Theanine Supplement?

There are many reasons why you want to take the best L-theanine supplement over anything else. The first is an analysis of the cost. It is far more expensive to buy L-theanine in capsule form because it requires more to have a real effect on your brain. Due to the metabolized compounds in your stomach and intestines, it will yield less results meaning you must spend more money to get the same effect.

The L-theanine liquid typically comes in a convenient jar that you can use to put a few drops under your tongue as needed. The important thing about this administration method is that it is more potent and therefore acts rather quickly within your system. You use less and therefore save money.

Per milligram of L-theanine it might cost more to utilize the sublingual solution, but it is far more potent making it a cheaper option when looking at the effects. Whether you need L-theanine for sleep or some other reason, it is most effective to use the liquid variation.

One thought on “Best L-Theanine Supplement

  1. Russell Mason says:

    The only 99% pure, pharmaceutical grade of L-theanine is Suntheanine. It is made by Taiyo, International, and has 40 domestic and international patents. It is the ONLY pure L-theanine available.

    Only certain supplement brands are licensed to sell Suntheanine. These include SwansonVitamins, LifeExtension, Doctor’s Best, and a few others.

    Check the label. If it’s not Suntheanine, you don’t know what you’re getting.

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