L-Theanine is an amino acid primarily found in tea of various types. It was discovered in green tea in 1949 and approved for unlimited use in foods as early as 1964. It can easily cross the blood-brain barrier and provide a wide variety of benefits including increased focus, alertness, and attention. It also acts synergistically with caffeine and has been well researched over many decades. This page will organize many of the articles pertaining to L-theanine and the effects on the brain as a nootropic compound.

L-Theanine Summary & Benefits

There are many different benefits of taking this amino acid or green tea. L-theanine as a natural anxiety treatment has been used for centuries in China and ancient Asian cultures. The health benefits of L-theanine go beyond anxiety, however. Many studies suggest it can help working memory (short term) and also improve alpha brain waves, which are heavily correlated with performance and relaxation.

Even though L-theanine is one of the best natural supplements for anxiety, it can also help to improve focus and attention. This sounds like it might be the opposite, but in reality it is a great natural ADHD treatment that you can use for kids. L-theanine for children is a lot more effective than Adderall, but more importantly it is a lot safer than these stimulants that are amphetamine based!

Beyond this, there are benefits of L-theanine for sleep. For people who struggle with getting a good night of sleep, this can be an effective way to overcome that issue. Many of the L-theanine studies indicate that there is a significant advantage of using this amino acid as opposed to others.

Administration Methods

The best L-theanine supplement is the one that helps you to achieve your goals, but this can also mean taking the supplement in unique ways. Some people take L-theanine sublingual solution in order to get stronger effects from the amino acid. By taking sublingual L-theanine, you can bypass the intestinal tract’s first pass metabolism and then you will be able to get the psychoactive compound directly into your bloodstream and into your brain.

It is up to you to decide whether L-theanine sublingual solution is right for you or if L-theanine pills work better. The cost effectiveness of the powder and pills might be less appealing when you find out how fast acting and longer lasting you can make L-theanine behave when you are using a sublingual solution

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