Understanding the modern phenomenon of smart drugs has been a challenge for many people. Even the term “nootropics” seems to be alien and somewhat difficult to write or pronounce. However, the history of the neuro enhancers is a fascinating one and something that has yet to be told. The following article will provide you some background into how nootropics were originally found, why they are being used, and how it has changed over time. The nootropic scene today looks quite different from a few years ago and even more so than when first found.

Nootropics in 1970s

The first nootropic drug was found in the 1960s and utilized first as a tool to help people with motion sickness. After that episode, the drug was tested for memory enhancement. In 1971 the first studies were done on piracetam as a nootropic drug that could improve memory. With the advent of this drug, the term “nootropics” was actually coined by a Romanian doctor named Dr. Corneliu Giurgea. With his tests on piracetam, he decided to use a Greek combination of “nous” meaning “mind” and “trepein” meaning “to bend”. Literally, the drugs were able to help bend the mind.


Since then, the studies of piracetam have been done all around the world to focus on specific aspects. Understanding whether racetams can help to improve memory with choline, testing neuro protective benefits with Alzheimer’s patients, and much more. The tests expanded to other analogues of piracetam, such as aniracetam and oxiracetam, where studies remained equally upbeat.

However, this was but a small fraction of the nootropic drugs studied over the past few decades. At first the studies were done on rats and animals to test whether it was a statistically significant improvement. Then toxicity studies came and finally they were done on willing human patients. As people have found the nootropic drugs, they have been wary without the adequate proof.

Nootropics Today

Today, people are realizing that the nootropic drugs are far more useful and less risky than ever before. The many decades of tests have proven how important the drugs can be not only for people who want to enhance their lives, but also those who want to just be healthy in general.

Neuro enhancing drugs can be incredibly effective for anyone who is trying to get ahead in the modern world. Just a few years ago it wasn’t even that popular as it was taboo to take the drugs outside of a prescription. Today it seems a lot more interesting to get involved within the industry and even partake in the pills themselves.

Are Nootropics for You?

In determining whether you want to take nootropics or not, it is a good idea for you to make sure you know about your goals. For those who just want to be healthy, it might be enough to supplement with some choline. Those who want to pass all of the medical exams might need to buy piracetam or find other methods of enhancing their memory retention and concentration while they are studying.

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