A great debate in the nootropic community right now is whether or not the coluracetam sublingual solution is a good choice. In fact, sublingual in general is the subject of much debate as well. There are many people who feel that there are advantages of using this administration method because of the first pass metabolism and getting the drug directly into the bloodstream.

There are others who think that the cost is too prohibitive of the sublingual solutions, but whatever your reaction to this administration method, the anecdotal evidence suggests this is a drug that works well. Make sure to utilize all the resources at your disposal to find out whether this is a nootropic drug that you want to utilize.

coluracetam sublingual

Coluracetam in Animal Studies

Thus far, the studies in animals point towards a quick blood serum level within 30 minutes or so. After about 3 hours the drug starts to wear off, which is evidence that it is similar to aniracetam and oxiracetam in bioavailability. Because of this, it makes sense to try to avoid the first pass metabolism as best as possible.

Many people consider coluracetam sublingual administration to be the perfect solution to this problem. At the end of the day, there is no telling whether or not it will be effective enough for everyone, but it may be worth a try.

In order to give our readers and customers the best possible product, we have provided coluracetam in a liquid form that is perfect for dosing properly and getting the drug to enter the bloodstream immediately. It may take a few seconds under the tongue, but the effect will be quick and it is said to have great efficacy in the community.

Already there are hundreds of people raving about coluracetam and how effective it can be to improve your memory and provide stimulating effects as well. Some even consider it a great anxiety reliever. It is up to you to test for yourself whether this is a drug that will help you with your education or work performance!

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