CDP choline is a powerful and efficient source of choline. It is also a source of unique neuro protective properties. For example, it can not only improve memory, but also enhance mental energy / focus and offer neuro protective benefits for those with neurological degeneration.

Quick CDP Choline Facts:

  • Enhances memory retention
  • Improve mental focus / energy
  • Great for neuro protection

CDP choline

Choline is a nutrient found in eggs and some vegetables that is most important for memory formation. CDP choline is a specific type of supplement, which is rich in raw choline that is highly bioavailable for the body. This means that CDP choline administration is well absorbed and used by humans in order to achieve a number of things.

Benefits of CDP Choline

Because acetylcholine is used for memory formation and learning ability, getting raw choline from a supplement like CDP choline can be incredibly effective. CDP choline improves hippocampal acetylcholine and the hippocampus is the region of the brain dedicated to memory formation. For many people this is important, for CDP choline and age related memory deficits are among the most important.

Studies show that patients who are struggling with neurological degeneration can benefit greatly from using CDP choline alone. CDP choline and aged related memory deficits are well researched in the literature. In fact, it is one of the more well-studied aspects of the nutrient. With the proper CDP choline dosage, an elderly person could have profound memory effects over the short and long term.

In youth, there is evidence that it can be a potent memory enhancer as well. Even though human studies are not as extensive as some animal information, there is ample evidence to suggest overall effects of CDP choline are positive for memory formation and learning ability.

The experiments for CDP choline in rats is even more extensive and this obviously tells us how that can impact our lives. Aside from the benefits of memory formation that choline inherently provides, there are unique advantages of CDP choline. The CDP choline dopamine increase is used by many people to feel happier and more care free. By reducing stress, there are even more advantages than the simple neuroprotective properties of citicoline.

CDP choline for children are just as important as the CDP choline benefits for elderly. Any child that does not have the proper amount of choline in their diet will be unable to retain memories and have proper brain function at a young age.

Safety and Supplementing with CDP Choline

Now that you have some of the CDP choline background information, it is a good idea to study other elements. The CDP choline structure and pharmacology show that this is a very safe supplement to take. The CDP choline side effects are mild and usually they are avoidable if you find high quality choline supplements and do not take extremely high doses.

The side effects of choline supplementation are usually not powerful¬†and, one of the most well-trusted research outlets for supplements, doesn’t even have a mention about side effects on their page about CDP choline. With no or very few side effects, you can rest assured that you will have the best experience with CDP choline. The benefits beyond raw choline are evident in the scientific literature.

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