Alpha GPC is the most potent form of choline, which is derived from natural sources. It is approximately 40% choline, which is far more than any other supplement. It is a major component of the Optimal Choline Complex, which is an enhanced method of getting choline supplementation. Studies show that alpha GPC is effective for promoting long term potentiation and some studies indicate benefits for human growth hormone and power output.

Quick Alpha GPC Facts:

  • Supports memory formation
  • Safe supplement regarded as safe by FDA
  • Enhanced growth hormone / power output

alpha GPC

By the name alpha GPC, you may not peg this supplement for a highly potent form of choline. Despite this, studies show alpha GPC choline to be one of the most effective sources for choline that you can currently find on the market. The overall alpha GPC effects are profound for both elderly and youth alike in terms of increasing memory formation, protecting neurological connections and helping to prevent degenerative diseases.

For many people, alpha GPC is the go-to choline source when taking nutrient-based supplement regimens. However, it can be even more important when taking nootropics like piracetam and others in the racetam family. Alpha GPC as an improved choline source can not only save you money because it is more effective, but it will also be healthier and easier for your body to absorb.

Benefits of Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC choline – a natural choline source – has been one of the primary supplements for athletes that want a boost of brain power and physical strength. Power output (strength) studies in Florida have shown alpha GPC is safe for supplementation for athletes and it improves overall strength and general capabilities. For football players and other strength athletes, this is a great way to improve the advantage with a nutrient that is usually deficient in typical diets. Even though alpha GPC choline improved athletes performance in a number of exercises, the real benefits are for memory and neuroprotection.

Studies on elderly individuals shows that alpha GPC is an effective compound for improving acetylcholine levels, which are associated with memory enhancement and learning ability. The majority of people who are using alpha GPc have done so in order to improve their memory or prevent themselves from neurological decline. Almost 85% of the population is deficient in choline, so it is often a good idea to supplement.

Studies and Side Effects

The alpha GPC experiments in rats have shown scientists enough to test extensively on humans as well. So far, there has been ample evidence to suggest that this choline supplement is not only healthy for anyone to use, but is actually a good daily supplement to the average diet.

Alpha GPC side effects are precautions are generally mild. Not many people see any ill-health effects from using alpha GPC, which means it is one of the better and safer nootropics.

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