Choline is a precursor to acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter in the human brain. Dietary choline is necessary to help the body produce enough acetylcholine for enhanced memory and neurological protection. Eggs and organ meats have high choline content, but unfortunately most people do not eat enough of these foods. The body can synthesis acetylcholine alone, but it is also useful to consume ample choline as well. We have developed the Optimal Choline Complex to incorporate the most efficient sources of choline for supplementation purposes.

Choline in different forms can improve memory, provide mental energy / enhanced memory, and is a powerful neuro protective agent. Some choline sources can even increase human growth hormone secretion as well as power output.


Choline is a nutrient found in eggs, organ meats, and a variety of vegetables. Because this is the dietary precursor for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, many consider it a potent nootropic in itself. Some studies show that 85% of the population is deficient in choline. Unless you are eating a high quantity of eggs, there is a good chance this is true!

Taking a choline supplement can help to remedy the situation if you are not getting enough in your diet. However, finding the right choline supplement is important because some work far better than others.

High Quality Choline

There are two different types of choline supplements that are considered to be a very high quality way of consuming more choline. These are CDP choline (often referred to a citicholine) and alpha GPC choline. Both of these options are far more bioavailable with choline, which means that the body can extract raw choline and use it for acetylcholine and memory formation.

These choline sources are sometimes more expensive than others, but this is because a lower dose will provide similar results as some of the other low quality choline sources. The more important thing to note about CDP choline and alpha GPC is that they have other advantages beyond the acetylcholine. Both are stimulatory in nature by themselves and studies show alpha GPC can improve power output in the gym.

While most people who are taking choline are mostly focused on their brain power, having a source of choline that can help improve other markers of your health is important. More importantly, it is not taxing on your body to have to extract choline from a low quality product.

General Choline Supplements

Aside from alpha GPC and CDP choline, there are several other general choline supplements to learn about to protect yourself from poor quality. These include soy lecithin or choline bitartrate. Both are less expensive, but require high doses and often are not as effective as the high quality alternatives.

There are also practices to incorporate with choline, such as taking the supplement with a fat source, which can help you to get the most out of your supplementation.

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