When it comes to bacopa monnieri and a lot of Ayurvedic herbs, there is a healthy dose of skepticism in the western world. The western world and America in particular are firmly rooted in the concept of scientific data, research, and understanding of the world around us. Therefore, when ancient Indian methods tout unproven herbs, research is done with the purpose of proving or disproving these theories.

With the case of bacopa monnieri, skeptics and detractors have been met at every step of the way. It is now obvious that you can purchase bacopa monnieri, take the recommended dosage for an extended period, and see substantial improvements in your memory retention. This article will help you to understand why it is worthwhile to buy bacopa monnieri and the evidence suggesting it is a great memory enhancer.

Memory Enhancer – Research Tells All

In the research and scientific world, the most important type of studies are called “meta analysis”. These studies look at all of the data and come with truths based on many different studies from disparate regions of the country and even world. They look at all the flaws of the studies, note the trends, and try to make sure there are no problems with the findings.

With bacopa monnieri, the most comprehensive meta analysis was done in 2012 over 6 of the most cited bacopa studies. The meta analysis found that there is substantial proof that bacopa monnieri improves memory in both adults and the elderly. If you are looking for a memory enhancer to improve your cognitive abilities, this is the option to seek.

When you purchase bacopa monnieri, a few things happen that make a really big difference and an impact in the way that your brain works. For one, the active ingredient (called bacosides) has an impact on the way neurons communicate with one another. This enhanced communication is what improves your memory.

Buying Bacopa Monnieri Online

The important thing when you are looking to purchase bacopa monnieri is that you do so with your safety in mind. First, make sure you find an American retailer of the product. Even though it seems risk free because it is an herb, the processing can lead to the addition of heavy metals. Almost 40 – 60% of the Indian produced bacopa products contained lead, mercury, and arsenic only a few years ago. As early as 2006 there were 20% of the US products that also contained it.

Ensure it is a brand that you trust and then do your due diligence as far as the dosage is concerned. You want to make sure you have something that is free from heavy metals, but you also want to ensure you take the right dosage! If you have any confusion regarding the dosage for beginners, here are some recommended starting points:

  • 350 mg per day (55% bacosides)
  • 750 – 1500 mg per day (10 – 20% bacosides)

With these basic numbers, you’ll be able to get started and see whether it impacts you. Know that bacopa takes time (sometimes 12 weeks) so make sure to get enough of the herb to test out.