Finding the extract for any substance is going to make it more effective, more potent, and more dangerous. It is a double edged sword that can help in many situations and, if used incorrectly, can be detrimental as well. It is best to look at bacopa monnieri extract from this perspective and see whether it is a good idea to find this type of product for your supplemental regime.

As this article will detail, the bacopa monnieri extract is not something that you necessarily need to buy. The capsules and powder that you can find (or even dry leaves) is plenty potent enough unlike some of the other herbs that are on the market today. Using this article, you can guide yourself around some of the products that would be a waste of your money.

Bacopa Monnieri Extract Compared to Others

Most herbs have an active ingredient that is useful for improving brain health in some way. For the Ayurvedic herb of bacopa, it is a chemical compound called bacosides. These compounds are useful for improving your memory, cognitive abilities, and even reducing anxiety, but they are not an elusive aspect of the plant like in some other products. Because bacopa monnieri is full of this ingredient, you do not have to look for the extract.

Today, there are millions of children who run outside in rural India and find this plant to eat. They eat the plant with ghee (a fat source typical to India) because it is fat soluble and then they improve their cognitive health that way. While some drugs are derived from the extracts of plants, in the case of bacopa monnieri, there is no processing required to get the brain benefits.

If you find yourself getting an extract, you have to be careful about what you buy and what you use. This is because the side effects of bacopa monnieri are related to the dosage and often they correlate with gastrointestinal problems. If you take a much higher dose than the recommended amount, you might find yourself in a negative health situation that you don’t feel comfortable in.

Typical adults start with 300 mg of bacopa monnieri assuming 55% bacoside content, but this can sometimes cause diarrhea, nausea, and other problems. If you get the wrong one and have a much higher bacoside content, the pain and discomfort can be even worse.

How to Buy Bacopa Monnieri

Now that you have an idea of whether or not the bacopa monnieri extract is even worthwhile, you can better determine whether or not you have the desire to continue buying the product. More than likely you are going to find that bacopa capsules are a far better bet than the extract.

While the powder can be another great option that is standardized for brain health, you’ll realize that it tastes bad and you could do a lot better with capsules. Just aim for bacopa capsules and you’ll avoid spending too much money, getting sick, or having an unpleasant experience with this great nootropic.