It might sound innocuous to take bacopa monnieri as a starting place in your nootropics journey and indeed this is one of the most well-studied and safest herbs you can use. However, there is a single risk that is probably the most scary part of buying this natural Ayurvedic compound. The fact that bacopa monnieri and heavy metals are a problem can send fright into the hearts of anyone, but we are going to explain what the truth is and how you can avoid the bad products.

As you will see, it is not mother nature that has tainted this great herb, but it is humans. In particular it is ancient traditions that should have been removed from the practice of brain health supplements a long time ago.

Bacopa Monnieri and Heavy Metals – What’s the Deal?

Only two decades ago, researchers began to take a closer look at Ayurvedic medicine within the United States. The growing Indian population and interest in alternative forms of medicine made a big difference in how the establishment viewed the practices. One of the things researchers took a closer look at was products like bacopa monnieri. While they were initially interested in seeing the benefits (of which there are many), they found one problem: there were heavy metals associated with many of the products that were coming from India.

According to the evidence 40 – 60% of the products coming from India were tainted; bacopa monnieri and heavy metals were heavily linked through the processing techniques of many of the Indian manufacturers. Although there are plenty of manufacturers outside of the United States, this was a troubling statistic and trend.

Luckily, the awareness made a difference and it can help you to get the better quality products today. Many people who are taking bacopa monnieri capsules find that they are safer when they get the products from a source like the United States. For whatever reason, the products in the United States are not filled with the same heavy metals and this means more safety for you.

Starting Doses and Heavy Metals

If you have an interest in starting out with bacopa monnieri, one of the important things to do is protect yourself against the heavy metals. Particularly, what is found in these products is arsenic, lead, and mercury, which are all things that you want to avoid as much as possible.

To start off with make sure that you are getting only products that have been made in the United States. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that you only get products that you know and trust. Pure Nootropics is a brand based out of the United States that has been producing high quality nootropics since 2013. If you are trying to improve your cognitive function through a safe and natural herb, it makes sense to go the route of bacopa monnier. You just want to make sure to do it in a safe way!