Fatty Acid with Bacopa Monnieri – Is It Necessary?

You may look at nootropics as a simple pill that you pop into your mouth and see instant effects, but in general this is not how the human body or nootropics work. Often time there are secondary factors to keep in mind, there are various supplemental issues you want to know about, and dosage stipulations that make a big difference. As with anything else in this world, if you want to really understand something, you have to put in the time and effort to do the research and improve your usage.

One of the major things people forget with a supplement like bacopa monnieri is whether to check if it is fat or water soluble. Taking a fatty acid with bacopa monnieri is not necessary, but if you want the maximum benefit from using this nootropic, it is a good idea to have some type of fat source with the herb.

Taking a Fatty Acid with Bacopa Monnieri

In rural India there are still children who use bacopa monnieri when they are growing up to improve their cognitive abilities and help grow their memory. These children are often in rural parts of India that have lots of chaos, very little law and order, and definitely difficult environments to learn in. These environments are often poor and lacking in basic necessities, but because bacopa monnieri is a plant that grows nearby, they can consume it.

From the times of Ayurvedic medicine, the rural and city dwelling people of India have known to use a fatty acid with bacopa monnieri. Using a traditional option (called ghee), the people of India have been able to speed up their cognitive performance and enhancement by using a fat source. The fat source helps the absorption of the active ingredient (bacosides), which helps to improve memory and mood moreso than without any fat source.

If you are not living in India, you can take your fatty acids in a different way. Some people like a new trend called butter coffee, which incorporates butter and helps to absorb the caffeine. The same can be said for bacopa monnieri so you can add that to your coffee if you would like.

Either way you do it, the obvious benefits regarding taking fat and bacopa together should help you to find a source right away.

Improving Cognition with Bacopa

Any type of improved cognitive abilities is going to come with some kind of price. With the case of bacopa, you have to be conscious about what you are doing and how you are taking the supplement. If you are not conscious, you might not be able to get the advantages that make it worth your time and energy.

Improving your cognitive abilities makes a big difference because it can help you to achieve more, perform better, and have a more stress-free existence. However, it is important to get the best bang for your buck. Using a fatty acid (like through fish oil or krill oil) with bacopa will help you to better increase absorption and general effects.