Even though research regarding a particular nootropic is useful for determining whether it will help you to improve your cognitive abilities, it is often necessary to research and test the dosage as well. The dosage recommendations for bacopa monnieri will vary depending on your size, experience with nootropics, and desires. However, there is a good place to start and from here you can analyze what works best for your lifestyle.

Many people who dose for bacopa monnieri do so without realizing the implications of their actions fully. Because the companies they buy from do not provide the right kind of guidance for self-serving reasons or because they customers are too lazy to do their own research, often people find themselves not taking enough of the herb or taking too much.

Each person will be different and you must determine the right dosage for yourself, but there are still ways to make the process go a lot smoother so that you have a much better experience throughout the entire supplementation regimen.

What is the Right Dose for Bacopa Monnieri?

The best starting dose for bacopa monnieri depends on one major factor: bacoside content. This refers to the active ingredient that is used in order to alter your brain chemistry (and ultimately improve cognition). If you find a plant that is standardized to 55% bacosides then that is going to be quite different than something with 20% bacosides. Your dosage will depend on this content.

  • 300 mg for 55% bacoside content
  • 750 – 1500 mg for 10 – 20% bacoside content

This might not seem important to you, but if you look at the numbers it makes a big difference. With the first example, you might take something that is 1/5th the dose, but it has the same effect. If you take 1/5th the dose of the wrong herb, you are not going to see much (if any) cognitive benefit!

This can completely derail your entire process of improving cognitive abilities through the use of bacopa monnieri. Suddenly you are unable to see any results, you stop using it, and it is a total shame given that this could have been one of the most useful tools for you.

Starting with Bacopa Monnieri

If you are just starting out on a regimen of bacopa monnieri, it is a good idea to understand these dosage recommendations first, try them out and then see whether the drug works. You can always alter the dosage if you feel like it is too strong or too weak, but finding a good starting place is helpful.

Some people like going the completely natural route, which prompts them to try the leaves first. While this might be useful, it is going to take a higher dose so prepare for that financially. Also, make sure that you understand bacopa does not taste great so powder might not be the option you are looking for as a beginner. Try to find the capsules you can take with your food so that you don’t have a bad taste in your mouth!