Bacopa Monnieri Nootropic

A few years ago a website called was founded and brought together many of the most well-researched supplements (and many less so) all together in one place. This focus on scientific precision helped many people to decide what kind of supplements they were going to take and which ones to avoid. When it comes to bacopa monnieri nootropic effects, the words from could not be more clear.

The editor, Kurtis Frank, wrote “I love the de-stressing and anxiolytic effects of bacopa monnieri, and I do believe it also increased my cognition…” While he goes on to suggest he never fully tested it, bacopa remains one of the most loved and well-desired nootropics on the market.

What Makes Bacopa Monnieri Special?

One of the main benefits of bacopa monnieri is that it is a proven memory enhancer from all the possible sources.

    • Scientific literature
    • Anecdotal evidence
    • Historical usage

While anecdotal evidence and historical usage do not make a supplement useful, they are helpful in determining whether the efficacy is strong or not. In a historical sense, bacopa monnieri has been used for thousands of years in parts of India. Today it remains a major part of the ritual for rural India where many cannot afford to improve their memory through nootropic supplements and other supplements found online.

Furthermore, the anecdotal evidence from online forums and sites like Reddit make a big impression on anyone who is using the Bacopa as well. You’ll find that bacopa monnieri is actually one of the most special supplements that you’ll find and it is a product of backing up historical usage and anecdotes with real scientific literature.

Bacopa Monnieri Nootropic Research

Beyond the basic research, bacopa monnieri has gone far. Most of the research has been done over the past few decades on all generations and genders. The bacopa monnieri nootropic effects are strong for everyone whether male, female, old or young. In fact, a meta-analysis was done in 2012 on 6 major studies that show bacopa monnieri as a memory enhancement tool. The results were astoundingly in favor of using the herb for that purpose.

This has spawned more studies on other less-documented aspects of the herb including anxiety reduction and cognitive performance enhancement. All of these are somewhat related because improving a person’s mood helps them to retain information and improves their test performance and general cognitive abilities.

Most people who are supporting themselves through the use of scientific literature have a basic understanding of what to look for. Almost everyone can agree that bacopa monnieri has adequate research and, when compared to most other natural nootropics, is one of most well respected on the markets.

Getting Started with Bacopa

If you find that the bacopa monnieri nootropic effects are strong enough for you to start using, it is a good idea to get a product with 55% bacosides (active ingredient) and take 300 mg a day as your starting dose. This will help you to get a better result than if you had a product with lower bacoside content.