Bacopa Monnieri Memory Enhancement Findings

There are hundreds of nootropics on the market and many more coming out daily, but how do you choose the best one? Of course, you could believe the bacopa monnieri memory enhancement findings and research, but it is best to know all of your options first. Within this article, you’ll find out what studies have been showing about bacopa monnieri and how it might be able to improve your memory.

In 2012 a series of tests, called a “meta-analysis” looked into the research and literature to determine whether bacopa monnieri memory enhancement benefits were actually real. After thousands of years of memory improvement literature from Ayurvedic texts, it made sense to determine whether it was true.

Bacopa Monnieri Memory Enhancement for Elderly

Some people who did not believe in the inherent value of bacopa monnieri proposed that it only helped elderly people. Studies conducted in a double-blind manner with around 100 subjects for 1 – 6 months showed that people age 65 and above have an increase in memory formation and performance. While this was an important step to show it could be a powerful nootropic, it became a point that researchers had to follow-up with.

In memory enhancement studies later on, researchers found that bacopa monnieri was an effective tool for improving memory for adults in general. It was not a side effect that was provided for the individual experiences of the elderly only.

Taking Bacopa Monnieri for Enhanced Memory

For those who understand the benefits of bacopa monnieri and would like to start using the nootropic for cognitive performance purposes, it is useful for many reasons. Namely:

    • Bacopa monnieri is one of the most well tested memory enhancers in the world
    • Bacopa is a natural compound that is safe to use
    • Bacopa has been used in India for thousands of years
    • Research suggests bacopa can support mood

For all of these facts, it is useful to start a regimen with bacopa monnieri, but the memory enhancement feature is certainly the one with the most robust evidence. Starting with 300 mg per day assuming 55% bacoside content will make a big difference for your memory.

Because the dosage of bacopa monnieri can vary from person to person depending on the weight and body type, it is a good idea to test out what dosage might work for you. Start with the recommended dosage and then you can move from there in order to make a bigger impact on your mental health.

Number 1 Reason to Take Bacopa Monnieri

There are many reasons to take bacopa monnieri as evidenced above, but the ultimate is memory enhancement. As far as the research and anecdotal evidence is concerned, memory enhancement is the top benefit that anyone can utilize when taking bacopa monnieri. The studies are not only well done, but have been confirmed time and time again for the past many decades.

If you are trying to improve your memory, there are plenty of options including piracetam and others in the family, but bacopa can be a great way to start naturally if that is what you desire.