Bacopa Monnieri Studies

The first bacopa monnieri studies helped to validate age-old wisdom from thousands of years ago. The dozens of studies that have been performed by scientists and researchers have been done to prove (or disprove) whether or not traditional Ayurvedic medicine has credence with regards to this herb. After dozens of trials, it seems there is ample evidence to suggest a correlation to improved brain health.

Quick Bacopa Findings:

    • Bacopa monnieri is a strong memory enhancer (reference)
    • Bacopa improves cognition by reducing anxiety (ref)
    • This herb effects both young and old (ref)
    • Bacopa can reduce depression and anxiety (ref)

Bacopa Monnieri and Memory Enhancement

The most profound research for bacopa monnieri is done on the topic of memory enhancement. For thousands of years, rural areas and populated centers alike utilized the cognitive enhancing properties of bacopa. Derived from a plant found along marshy areas, the substance became an active ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine. It was thought to improve the brain capacity of those who took it and children are still enhancing their memory with the nootropic today.

Much of the research regarding bacopa monnieri memory enhancement has been done in the past 5 – 10 years as scientific and research methods have developed. One major analysis looked at 6 different trials and extracted the same conclusion as all the others: bacopa monnieri is an effective tool for enhancing memory.

The most important aspect about bacopa from a memory enhancement perspective is that it has been proven time and time again. As the meta-analysis shows, the research money has poured in to evaluate the validity of the claims from thousands of years ago.

Bacopa Monnieri Mood Support

Another benefit, which is often forgotten, is how bacopa can effect your mood. The herb is one of the best natural ways to improve mood and there are many ways this can be helpful. If you are struggling with social or general feelings of restlessness, this nootropic can make you feel a lot more social and prevent you from discomfort in social situations. Bacopa monnieri mood relief is a really great tool if you struggle from any of these types of ailments.

However, it can also be helpful for removing anxiety inherent to the work process. If you are working on a project and you are feeling anxiety around it, your cognitive function on the task will be poor. One of the best ways to improve cognition is to reduce the anxiety you feel. Bacopa monnieri cognitive enhancement is very real. One double blind study of 46 subjects showed that bacopa monnieri could help to remove the anxiety and thus improve cognitive function in adults that were ages 18 – 29, 30 – 44, and 45 – 64.

Bacopa Monnieri Recommendations and Dosage

If you are planning to take the bacopa monnieri nootropic, it is a good idea to understand the supplement and the recommendations associated with taking it. For one, a standard dose of bacopa monnieri is 300 mg, but this assumes the total bacoside content is 55% of the extract.

In addition to getting the right bacoside content, you must make sure to take some type of fatty acid with bacopa monnieri. Ghee is often used in India and it is a fat soluble tool that helps aid the use of bacopa.