Before taking any supplement or nootropic, it’s important to weigh the risks and the rewards. In the case of bacopa monnieri, this theory is no different. Understanding the side effects of bacopa monnieri will not only help you to make better decisions about whether it is right for you, but it can also help you to dose yourself correctly to get the best results for your brain and your wallet.

Luckily, the negative side effects of bacopa are few and far between. Most people that complain about these side effects are struggling with gastrointestinal problems, which can come and go depending on a variety of other factors. If you are interested in improving your cognitive function, this article can explain whether the side effects of this nootropic will inhibit you.

Which Side Effects of Bacopa Monnieri Matter?

As we mentioned above the negative side effects associated with the nootropic are often related to stomach issues that may include nausea or diarrhea. The worst case scenario is that bacopa is going to cause you to have headaches and throw up. All of these things are rare and depend heavily on the person who is using the nootropic. If you are often struggling with substances, then you might want to start with a lower than average dose.

Usually, the side effects that are negative do not show up at the recommended dosage. Many people only struggle with the gastrointestinal problems when they start to take mega doses hoping that it is going to make a big cognitive difference!

The recommended dosage is as follows:

  • 300 mg per day (assuming 55% bacosides)
  • 750 – 1500 mg per day (assuming 10 – 20% bacosides)

As you can tell, the dosage depends on the bacosides (which is the active ingredient in bacopa). You’ll need to get the right starting dosage for your particular product and then determine what a good dosage is to avoid any of the negative side effects.

Positive Effects From Bacopa Monnieri

Of course it isn’t all doom and gloom. The positive effects of using bacopa monnieri are many. The most profound and well known is the benefit for increasing your memory. Through numerous trials and tests, researchers have confirmed the ancient Ayurvedic traditions of using bacopa as a memory enhancing nootropic. There have been recent studies, such as one in 2012, which confirmed through meta-analysis that the memory enhancing benefits are profound.

This applies to both elderly and young adults, but that is not the only benefit of bacopa monnieri. According to some studies, it can improve cognition by reducing bad mood and symptoms of sadness. The bad mood reduction is important for reducing general stress levels and improving overall wellbeing, but there are links to cognitive performance as well.

The positive impacts are because bacopa interacts with the dopamine and serotonergic systems even though the main mechanism of action is to promote neuron communication. Whatever the truth behind bacopa’s great effects, scientists are quickly putting a seal of approval as a trustworthy nootropic whereas many other products do not have that advantage.