Maintaining a healthy brain and body is not easy these days and within the nootropics community it can be even harder. Sometimes trying to add a nootropic to improve brain health ends up with side effects and problems that do more damage than good. However, there are some drugs, such as bacopa monnieri, where the risk of this happening is quite low. This is an herb used in India for thousands of years and is one of the most well known and established Ayurvedic compounds that currently exists on the market.

As with any other product that you find in the smart drug space, there are bacopa side effects, but they are rare and not very impactful. While there are some experimental drugs that create intense side effects, such as withdrawals and nightmares, you will not have to worry about that with bacopa monneri.

What Are Negative Bacopa Side Effects?

The main negative bacopa side effect that you must be conscious of is nausea and the related symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. That means there are going to be problems such as cramping, bloating, diarrhea, nausea, as well as many other things. You’ll realize that the negative side effects of bacopa are relatively mild, but the chances are even more slim that you’ll have to deal with it if you do the right things beforehand.

First, make sure that every dose of bacopa you take is accompanied with some type of food. You’ll want to incorporate a fat source into your regimen so you can get the best results because fat sources will help bacopa to be absorbed into your body. The fat solubility of bacopa monnieri is a big factor in how your body reacts to this type of drug.

Another thing that you can do to make sure you don’t have to deal with negative side effects of bacopa monnieri is to get doses that are not as large or beyond the recommended dose. Starting off with bacopa usually requires that you maintain a dose range of 300 mg at a 55% bacoside content. You’ll find that the lower 10-20% bacoside options are in the 750 – 1500 mg range per day.

Once you have a better understanding of what your body desires, you’ll be able to get the right dose dialed in.

Are Bacopa Side Effects Worth It?

Now that you have an idea of the side effects, you have to ask yourself whether it is worth the risk. In general terms, most people would say that bacopa is one of the safest and risk-free options on the market for improving your brain health. Experimental drugs can often lead to irreparable damage, but with bacopa you do not need to worry about that. People have been using this drug to improve their strength for thousands of years and it is having a profound impact.

Most of the people who are working within the nootropics space know that bacopa monnieri is a great nootropic, which is why it made its way into Alpha Brain, Nootrobox and many others. It is generally regarded as a safe smart drug.